Glass Break/ Vibration Sensors

Glass break sensors should be considered for applications with large glass panels such as retail shops, office buildings and residences.  There are two types of glass break sensors. 

Single technology Acoustic Sensors listen to the sound of breaking glass and can be mounted on walls or ceilings.  They can cover a range of 6 - 10 m at 360 degrees range, and can be used to protect a number of windows or glass panels.

Dual technology sensors uses acoustic and vibration and such sensors must be mounted on each panel.  It will trigger alarm only when both vibration and sound of breaking glass is detected.

Glass break sensors for burglar alarm panelsVitron Plus G3 Acoustic Sensor

Vitron Plus G3 Acoustic glassbreak sensor is suitable for ceiling/wall or flush-mount design.  Covers 9m range, protects all pane glass types: plate, tempered, laminated and wired.


Glass break sensors for burglar alarm systemsSentrol 5600W

Sentrol 5600-W dual tech glass break sensor provides protection for single point of entry such as sliding glass doors up to 3m range.


Vibration sensors detects vibration patterns of breaking tools.  Works with burglar alarm systemGE DV1201A Vibration Sensor

Protect vaults, safes and ATMs.  The sensor reacts to the characteristic vibration patterns of breaking-and-entering tools. Each sensor incorporates three channels—counting, integration, and explosion—that analyze  frequencies, duration, and amplitude to determine an intruder attack.



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