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A fresh start

Embarrassing as it may be, my website was hacked early this year.  While I may talk of vigilance when it comes to physical and electronic security for premises, I wasn’t walking the talk when it comes to cyber space.

My company’s website www.securevision.com.sg and its attending blog had been in operation since 2006 and we never had a problem.  We are not a bank nor were we handling financial transactions.  Neither is our website and blog so prominent or drawing so much traffic that it should attract a hacker.  The idea that someone would bother with a website like ours is far removed from my mind.

Then it happened.  In January we received notification from Google which had flagged it as “suspicious”.  A hacker had exploited a weakness in the CMS and had embedded many links into the webpage.  Our sales enquiries dropped tremendously and we had many emails that failed to delivered as our domain was flagged as spam.  We had to take drastic action – immediately.

I combed through the codes and attempted to clean as much as I could.  After a week, I gave it up and decided to do a new website instead.  I had originally planned to upgrade and update the website this September when I have more time, but this became more critical.

Finally the website is finally up and this blog is just beginning.  I had to start this blog from scratch as much of the earlier articles were badly infected.  The work is not complete and I would expect to spend many more hours on both the website and this blog.

Looking back, it is easy to slip to complacency, particularly when nothing bad happens.  But the cost of recovery can be a hefty one.  In my case, it was really time and business opportunity losses.  But that may not be the case if we are talking about physical security.

Bad things do happen.  And it can happen when we least expect it.  So it is better to be vigilant, put in the safeguards, and routinely check your system.  You want the system to work when it most needed to work.

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