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Audio Video Intercom System

Audio Video Intercom for homes, offices and buildingsAn Intercom System is used for connecting internal users.  The Intercom System is not linked to external telephone lines hence you cannot use the intercom to make external phone calls nor talk to parties that are not located in the premises.  It has its own dedicated cabling and uses proprietary intercom handsets.

So why would you want to have a proprietary dedicated intercom system when a key phone system can perform the dual function of connecting internal and external users?  When your applications does not require the user to contact outside users or when you require 1-touch quick instant easy access to communication.

Examples of such application includes:

  • Intercom communication between plant rooms and facilities linked to a Central Control Room
  • Intercom located at critical doors linked to a Central Security Command Center
  • Intercom at lift lobbies linked to apartment intercom enables residents to communicate with visitors before opening the door
  • Intercom at gates and main door linked to handsets ensure authentication of visitor before releasing the door

In all these applications, the intercom is used to vet and screen the visitor before access into the premises is granted.  Once vetted and approved, a button on the internal intercom can be depressed and the gate or door can be released.  Of course the application is not restricted to releasing only gates or doors.  The intercom system has been used to activate lifts as well as car park barriers and auto gate.

Audio Video Intercom can be grouped into:

  • Audio Intercom - voice only
  • Audio Video Intercom - voice and video

Depending on the budget and preference, both audio and audio video intercom system can be use.  The intercom system is scalable and can be used for applications where there is only 1 door station to only 1 user as in a house; or 1 door station to 500 users as in an apartment or condominium. 

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