Condominium Audio Video Intercom

vistor call panel intercom for condominiums Condominiums wth many entrances and residents use the intercom system to control access and ensure that only authorised visitors are permitted into the building.

The Aiphone Audio and Audio Video Intercom System has proven to be reliable over the years and is commonly use for many of the condominiums in Singapore. The number of residents may vary from a smaller boutique condo of 48 residents to a large development of over 500 users.

Whatever the size, we have a system that can meet your need. So please contact us at 6286 4796 for an obligation-free quotation.  buildings with multi-tenants offices may want to tighten the security by installing a audio or audio video intercom at the lobby. Visitor select the company's intercom button, press it and speak directly to the office staff.

Smaller apartments can consider using the VC-M or the GT series for applications up to 48 units. For larger development, you can consider the GT and GH Series that can handle up to 500 units.

For retrofitting where it is difficult to run cables to the units, you may want to consider the TL 2000 Telephone Entry System. It can support up to 2000 units.

Aiphone Audio

Aiphone Audio Video

Aiphone Telephony

Aiphone Audio VC-M intercom for multi-tenant apartments and office Aiphone visitor call panel to be located in lobby and gates for condominium Aiphone Telephone Entry System - uses telephone line to call residents
Aiphone Audio VC-M can support up to 58 Tenant Stations Aiphone Audio Video GT * GH Series supports up to 5 door stations, 2 Guard stations and 500 Tenants unit Aiphone TL-2000 Telephone Entry System can support up to 2000 telephone numbers
Max 58 Units Max 500 handsets Max 2000 tenants

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