Residential Audio Video Intercom

Audio Video Intercom in the home lets you see who is out thereWhether you are living in an apartment or a landed property, add another security layer to your protection with a Audio/Video Intercom System. You can vet and screen your visitors from the safety of your home and open the door only when you know it is safe.


Apartment owners typically install a door station outside the house, with a handset near the front door. If the door is equipped with a card / fingerprint system, it is possible to link it to the intercom. Apartment users can consider installing either the audio intercom or the audio video intercom. Normally most apartment owners install the audio video intercom system.

Landed homes

Most home owners installed the door station at the gate. The door station is typically located near the side or pedestrian gate as well as the main gate for vehicles. Depending on whether the visitor drives or walk, the owner can select which gate to open. As such houses may comprises 2 or 3 storeys, it is common to install a handset per floor. Typical configuration is usually a 1-2 (1 door station link to 2 handsets) or a 1-3 system. Our range of intercom products support all these configuration. If you need more than 3 handsets, only the Aiphone from Japan can support such configuration.

Our Audio Video Range

We carry three brands. Kocom, Commax and Aiphone. Kcom and Commax are from Korea and Aiphone is from Japan.

Audio Intercom

Kocom Audio

Commax Audio

Aiphone Audio

Kocom audio intercom - ideal for houses Commax audio intercom for landed property Aiphone audio intercom used in many landed properties
The DS-2D Indoor Audio Door Phone can support up to 4 KDP 601A/D handsets Commax DR-2K Audio Door Phone (plastic) can support up to 2 DP-2HP handsets. Aiphone IE-1GDU can support up to 3 handsets.
Max 2 handsets Max 2 handsets Max 3 handsets


Audio Video Intercom

Kocom Audio Video

Commax Audio Video

Aiphone Audio Video

Kocom audio video intercom for landed properties Commax audio video intercom for landed properties Aiphone audio video intercom for landed properties
The Kocom KIV212 Colour Video Intercom supports 2 Door Station (KC-C60), 4 KIV212 Monitor hands-free sets and 1 audio intercom. The Commax CDV-35N Colour Video Intercom System support 2 door stations and 2 Monitor handsets. The JF Series hands-free color video enhanced system will support 2 video door stations and 3 inside monitor stations

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