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Auto Gate System

Have you considered installing a automatic gate? The advantages of having a motorised gates are many. For one, you do not need to fuddle with keys or imagine opening the gate to your driveway in the pouring rain.

With our range of motors, you can automate your gates and open the gates remotely with a wireless key fob, from the comfort of your car or your house. So whether you are looking for a motorized gate for your residence, or your factory, we have the product for you.

Swing Gates

auto swing gatesSwing gates open with a rotation around a fulcrum, just like an ordinary door. Depending on the availability of internal space, the gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward.

In selecting the type of automation systems, it is important to know the dimensions and the approximate weight of the leaf gate, the sturdiness of the post and the leaf gate, and the material it is made of.

We carry two types of swing gates automation mechanism. They are:

  • Recessed underground motors
  • Motorised Swing Arm

Swing Gates - Recessed Motors

Recessed underground motors are commonly used for residential premises.  Because they are concealed, they can easily blend into the landscape and are more aesthetical looking.  We carry various ranges, depending on the weight of the gate and the frequency of use.


MAG Swing SW200 recessed auto swing gateMAG Swing SW200P Recessed Motor

Made in Malaysia, MAG is time proven, with over 20 years track record in Singapore and Malaysia.  Featuring a 8-springs anti crush clutch mechanism, it automatically suspends the gate's movement if it encounters any obstacle such as vehicle, human and animal in its traveling path, while still be able to maintain smooth and power gate movement.  Maximum leaf weight is 200 Kg.


Audio Video Intercom for opening gateKocom MS-2D - KDP 601 Audio Intercom

Kocom MS-2D Outdoor Audio Door Phone (metal) can support up to 4 KDP 601A/D handsets.

Motorised Swing Arm

Motorised Swing Arm are commonly used where it is not desirable or possible to conceal the motor under the gate. Motorised arms are more commonly found in industrial as well as where the gates are too heavy beyond the specifications of concealed motors.

We carry various ranges, depending on the weight of the gate and the frequency of use.


MAG Wing303 Swing Arm for Swing GateMAG Swing Wing303 Arm Gate 

Made in Malaysia, MAG Wing303 is an electro-mechanical complete system for automatic arm gate.  It is composed of an electronic panel unit that control an actuator motor to open or close the gate in a swing motion.  Maximum leaf weight is 400 Kg.  


NICE Toona 4 Swing Arm for Swing GateNICE Toona Arm Gate 

Made in Italy, NICE Toona range is ideal for both residential and industrial applications for gates up to 3 m (Toona4), up to 5 m (Toona5) and up to 7 m (Toona7).  It features a worm screw arm that ensures the gate stayed locked without a central lock.

Faac 415 Swing Arm for Swing GateFAAC Swing 415 Arm Operator  

Made in Italy, the FAAC 415 can handle a maximum leaf up to 3m. 


Sliding Gate Motor

auto sliding gateSliding gates are common in premises where there in not enough space for a swing gate or where the owner wishes to optimise the space.  A sliding gate slide on a track installed on the ground.  .  

In selecting the type of sliding motors to use, it is necessary to know the the dimensions and the approximate weight of the leaf gate.  We carry a range of motors suitable for the various applications.  The gate can slide outside or inside the house depending on the site condition.


autosliding MAG SL200PMAG SL200P Sliding Gate Motor

Made in Malaysia, the MAGSL200P is ideal for more demanding residential or light industrial use.  It can handle a maximum gate weight of up to 1200 Kg.


faac 746 auto sliding gateFAAC 746 Sliding Gate Motor

Made in Italy, the FAAC 746 can handle gates weighing up to 600 Kg. 

Auto Turnstiles

Turnstiles are used to control access and egress of individual, and may be found near guard posts, entrance and exits and even in side gates.  We carry a range of such turnstiles.  


Tripod TurnstilesTripod Turnstile

Suitable for outdoor installation and can be used jointly with any card readers or ticketing machines.  Usually installed in stadiums, factories, banks or in public transit places where access is controlled and one person entry is preferred.


turnstiles droparmDrop Arm Barrier

Drop Arm Barrier can be configured for different operation modes.  The arm can be activated when an invalid card is presented so as to prevent access, or it can be configured to automatically drop arm when the card is valid.  

Flap Barrier turnstiles Flap Barrier

Flap Barriers are installed in areas such as railway platforms, passenger terminals, ferry terminals, airports, factories and stadiums.  Can be installed with ticketing systems and card readers.   


full height turnstileFull Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile allows automatic access with the use of card readers.  It prevents unobserved, unauthorised and simultaneous entry.  Used in side gates in condomiums, schools and industries

Auto Gate Locks

Automatic Gates Locks are commonly installed in premises with a side gate for pedestrian ingress.  Such applications can be found in residential, condominium and industrial premises.  Two types of locks are commonly used - electric strikes and electric locks.


electric strikes for side gatesElectric Strikes 

Weather-proof electric strikes replace the fixed strike faceplate.  The latch can be released via card access or remotely using a remote key fob or a push button.


viro locks for swing in/swing out gatesElectric Locks

Viro carries a wide range of electric locks that is designed to work with outdoor gates.  The model V90 is commonly used in Singapore. 

Outdoor Ebelco ss800 EM LockEM Locks 

Weather-proof EM Locks can be mounted on the top edge of the gate to hold the gate.  


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