How to Choose an Burglar Alarm System?

protect premises with burglar alarm systemBurglars steal more than just your material possession. They steal your peace of mind.

Many studies indicated that a house without an alarm is 3 times more likely to be broken in.  And a cursory check with the police will reveal how strongly they advocate the installation of an alarm system to help deter crime.

Your decision to install a burglar alarm system is a good decision.

What to Protect?

But what should I protect? How extensive should the protection be? Should you protect every door and window on every floor, or is covering the 1st floor sufficient?

We strongly recommend that you contact our qualified burglar alarm consultant, who would be able to help you audit and assess the risks, and advise the appropriate measures to take.

Factors that we take into consideration include the probable risks, the likelihood of an intrusion and the lifestyle convenience of the end user. In designing protection for your home, we believe in the layered approach.

A Burglar Alarm System is just one layer of protection. You can beef up your security by adding on other layers such as CCTV Cameras, Motion Trigger Lights, Auto Gates, Audio Video Intercom, as well as investing in good set of doors and windows. 

So feel free to contact us at 6286 4796 and we will send our consultant down for an obligation-free survey.

Basic Protection Consideration

paradox spectra burglar alarm systemA basic system should cover all the main entrances and accessible areas on level 1.  So front doors, sliding doors, side doors and kitchen door, as well as windows around the perimeter. Each should be protected with a magnetic contact.

At least one motion sensor should be installed to cover the passage way that leads to level 2. Hence a basic system would likely be 4 zones or a maximum 8 zones. Depending on the stage of the implementation, you can either choose a hardwired burglar alarm system or a simple wireless system.

If you are not sure, you can always contact us and we can arrange our consultant to walk you through the design. Call us at 6286 4796.

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