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burglar proof your home with layered security alarm systemThere is no such thing as a 100% burglar-proof home. What there is, however, are homes that are more difficult to break into than others. Remember that in assessing their targets, burglars use the double criteria of speedy entry and not attracting attention.

The longer it takes to enter and the more noise he makes - greatly increase his chance of being seen and caught. Hence homes that are not easily and quickly broken into are most often bypassed. Our challenge is to make it harder for the burglar to gain entry.

We have compiled 10 ideas for you to make your home more secure. Please feel free to also browse our range of Home Security Systems, Security Cameras and Entry Door Door Lock systems. Should you require more information, you can contact us either by calling us or sending us a email.

#1 Layer Your Home Security System

It is easy for a criminal to bypass a single line of defense. Multiple layers not only slow him, but serve as a means to alert you or your neighbors that someone is trying to break in. A good example of a layered defense is having strong padlocks on gates and grilles on windows.

#2 Look out for blind spot

Pretend you are a burglar and survey your property for weakness where a burglar may be able to gain access. Stand outside your windows and see if you can spot any valuables. If you can, so can burglars.

#3 Look at the area around the locks

A lock is not enough. You must consider the area 18 to 24 inches around the lock itself. That is the area you must protect. A burglar doesn't care how much damage he causes. T The best locks in the world will do no good if he smashes the door in. Similarly windows can be broken and locks undone.

Hence it is good to add other layers such as grilles and alarm system to complement your security.

#4 Select good locks

Many home door locks can be quickly bypassed with a knife or screwdriver slid in the gap between door and frame. After that the criminal can easily work the tongue of most cheap locks out of the door frame. Similarly a thin kitchen knife slid between sash windows can "tap" a normal window lock open.

Hence for all outside exit doors, buy locks that have locking tongues. Test this by holding the door open and locking the knob. Then attempt to depress the tongue into the door with your finger. Better locks will have a secondary tongue that doesn't move. The best locks will have entire tongues that don't move.

#5 Plant thorny shrubs in strategic location

Thorny landscaping not only adds beauty to your home, but makes even getting close to such windows an unappealing prospect

#6 Safety Coat your sliding doors and windows

Safety coat is an adhesive plastic sheeting that makes breaking out windows and sliding doors difficult.

#7 Drape rooms where there is expensive equipment

Thin, sheer drapes, although attractive, also allow burglars to look inside. Where there are expensive equipment, it is good to get into the habit of closing heavy drapes lessening the chance of your home being targeted.

#8 Get a dog

A barking dog, whether inside the house or in the yard is proven as the best deterrent to burglars.

#9 Join a Neighborhood Watch

Even just the signs often send would-be burglars elsewhere. An alert and involved community is the criminal’s nemesis. It is often reason enough for him to try business elsewhere.

#10 Get an alarm system

Now that you've made it slow and difficult for him to get inside, an alarm is far more effective since it gives the cavalry a chance to arrive in time. In addition, burglar, carbon monoxide and fire alarms do wonders to keep your home owner's insurance down


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