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contact securevision when alarm system not workingDo you have an existing burglar alarm system that you had not put in use for a long time, and now you are thinking of getting it to work again?

Or perhaps there was a problem with the system and you cannot remember or find the person who did the installation?

Or is your alarm system driving you up the walls with its constant beep or the many false alarms?

If that is the case, feel free to contact us. We can send our team over to assess the situation. After our assessment, we will advise you how to get the system back to work.

From our experience, most alarm system can work for years and very seldom do we need to change the main panel.

need help to sort out alarm messy cabling?Typical causes for an alarm system not working could be:

  • batteries - many people do not realise that the batteries should be replaced once every 2 years.  And if you are not using the system for a while, you should unplug the battery to prevent any damage to the panel
  • door and window contacts - doors and windows do need to be aligned properly.  Many false alarm are caused by door alignment or in some cases, the contacts are either missing or loose. 
  • motion sensors - wrongly placed, it can create alot of false alarm. Some motion sensors are either wrongly placed or there has been a change to the layout without adjustment made to the motion sensor
  • keypads are worn out over time and no longer sensitive
  • cabling - we have encountered messy cablilng which short-circuited parts of the system or poor quality cables that degrade over the years.  In some extreme cases, we may have to run new cables to put the system back in use

Once the causes are identified and rectified, the alarm panel is as good as new.  Of course we have encountered cases where the alarm panel is already obsolete or the brand is no longer represented.  In most cases, we would suggest upgrading the panels and the keypads.  Most of the sensors and cabling can be reused. 

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