Central Alarm Monitoring

central burglar alarm monitoringThe most important key to a good security system is the professional 24 hour security alarm monitoring for rapid emergency response.

Don't rely on neighbours to call the police as they may not always be around. Enjoy real peace of mind security knowing that our professional security monitoring partners are always on the watch, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only professional security monitoring can guarantee that police will be alerted when an alarm is triggered. And alarm monitoring does not need to burst your budget.

We have tied up with Chubb Security, Singapore's leading central alarm monitoring centre, to provide you with the peace of mind monitoring for your home, business and building.

Chubb's central monitoring officers works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, diligently monitoring your premises. On an alarm activation, they are trained to respond accordingly and will notify you and the respective authorities including the police, fire department or our Securevision technicians to act on an emergency.

What is Monitoring?

central burglar alarm monitoring process

A burglar alarm system triggers a loud siren to attract attention when it detects an intrusion. How effective it is depends on whether the response of people in its vicinity. Unfortunately we cannot always depend on our neighbours who may not be around or who may ignore the alarm, thinking it is another false alarm. To make the system fully effective, it is good to link the system via the telephone line to a Central Alarm Monitoring Station.

Your Security System is programmed to dial out to the Central Alarm Monitoring Station in the event of an alarm activation. When an alarm occurs, the security system will send a coded signal to our Central Alarm Monitoring Station where the message is decoded and processed by our state-of-the-art computerized system. Your details and pre-determined instructions will be displayed on a computer screen, where our highly trained dedicated officers will be alerted and take immediate action to alert the relevant authorities.

Why I Need Monitoring?

While a standalone security system may scare off some criminals, unfortunately it does not guarantee that this will always happen. Nor can it ensure an emergency response, or make arrangements for someone to check and secure your premises. Only a monitored alarm system can do this.

Police, Insurers and security Specialists all agree that a monitored alarm system that can inform the police of an intrusion is far better than a standalone system. The knowledge that a police patrol car is on the way is obviously reassuring and highly practical as the intruder has less time to cause further loss or damage. For just a dollar a day, you can enjoy the peace of mind protection that comes with a monitored system.

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