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Installing a burglar alarm system is just the first step in securing your premises. Without routine maintenance, your system can fail and not work when you need it to work.

So it is good to test and maintain your system to ensure that it is running smoothly at all times. You can either get our technicians to come out or you can carry out the routine check yourself and call us only when you encounter major problems.

Testing Your Alarm System

Test your burglar alarm system regularlyTest your system at least once a year. Before you start testing, it is good to inform your Central Alarm Monitoring company, that you are are doing a testing.

  • close all doors and windows
  • cover all motion detectors or put them in a bypass mode
  • arm the system
  • open the doors or windows and check to hear the alarm
  • if you are on our sms alert, check that you are receiving the notification.  Call your central alarm monitoring company to ensure that they received the signal
  • repeat this for every zones

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us at 6286 4796 during office hours.  Or we can schedule our technician to come out and test the system for you.  For a small additional fee, we offers a maintenance program which covers the cost of all necessary tests and battery replacement.

Replace Old Batteries

change your battery at least once every 2 yearsAll burglar alarm panels comes with a back up battery.  The battery will keep the alarm system in operation for up to 4 hours when there is a power failure.  The battery need to be replaced at least once every two years.

If your system is a wireless system, the batteries in the main panel and all the wireless alarm sensors will need to be replaced periodically.  Every system may be different and depending on the usage, it may last up to 3 years.  We normally recommend replacing once every two years.  Do note that the batteries for the wireless sensors and panel may be different and if you are doing this yourself, you may have to purchase the batteries first before replacing.

Or you can set up an appointment with our technicians to replace the batteries for you.  Just contact our office at 6286 4796 during office hours for the scheduling.


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