Wired Alarm Accessories

No matter which system you use, the wired alarm accessories are common for all.  In other words, it is not necessary to match the brands.  Selection of the sensors depends really on the specifications and how it will be used.  What is listed below can be used for Paradox, DSC and GE.

detecting home intrusion with burglar alarm systemThe purpose of the sensors is to detect a break-in.  There various range of sensors includes:

  • Magnetic Contacts - used to detect doors and windows opening
  • Motion Sensors - detect human motion using body heat or microwave
  • Perimeter Beam Detector - installed on walls and windows to detect motion
  • Fire Detectors - detect fire using smoke, heat and CO gas sensors
  • Glass Break and Vibration Sensor - detect the sound of breaking glass or intense vibration
  • Panic Push button - to notify in the event of emergency
  • Siren and Strobe Lights - to sound an alarm

Magnetic Contacts

The most basic sensors of any alarm system is a door and window Magnetic Contacts. Comprising of a magnet and a reed contact, the contact is closed when the magnet is lined up with it. This type of setup is ideal for monitoring doors, windows, and sliding doors. The contacts can be flush mounted or surface mounted depending on the construction of the doors and windows. In most case, the same contacts can be used for both doors and windows.

Door and Window Contacts for wooden and metal frame

Flushed - wood
Flush - metal
Surface Mini
Surface - wood

Door Contacts for heavy Duty Doors

Wide Gap
Wide - Metal
Roller Shutter
Shutter - Top

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors detect movement by measuring optical changes or acoustical changes in its field of view. Most detectors has a detection range up to 15 meters. There are three types of motion sensors: They are:

  • Passive Infra Red Sensors (PIR) which detect movement by looking for body heat
  • Ultrasonic Sensors that sends out pulses and measures reflection off a moving object
  • Microwave Sensors that send out microwave pulses and measures reflection off a moving object

To reduce false alarm, some sensors may use a combination of different technologies. Most dual-technology detectors incorporate the PIR technology with Ultrasonic or Microwave technology. They are designed such that Ultrasonic or Microwave pulses are sent only when the PIR sensor is tripped.

The key to reducing false alarm lies on the selection of detectors and their strategic, correct placement. For example, PIR Motion Sensors should not face open windows as it may pick up heat changes caused by the headlights of a passing car. And for homes with pets, Pet Immunity Motion Sensors should be use to reduce false alarm caused by pets running about the premises.

We carry a range of motion sensors.  They are:

  • NV5 PIR Motion Sensor
  • DG75 PIR Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity (pets up to 40kg)
  • DG525D Dual-Tech Motion Sensor
  • NVX80 Indoor/Outdoor Detector with Anti-Mask and SeeTrue Technology
DG75 Pet PIR
DG525D Dual
NV80 Outdoor

Perimeter Beam Detector

We carry a range of motion sensors that are designed for perimeter monitoring. These sensors are typically installed outdoors and are ideal for protecting large voids such as roof areas with sklylight or perimeter walls. They comprises a pair that transmit and receive a photobeam.  Motion is detected when the beam is cut or obstructed.  Most units comes with dual beam to reduce false alarm that may be caused by falling leaves or insects flying pass.

  • NV780 Outdoor Dual Side-View Detector with 4 Quad Sensors (mounted on wall to supervise windows and doors)
  • BS-200 Barrier Curtain - slim line sensor for protecting internal or external doors and windows.  Height is 570mm and range is up to 8m.
  • IDS SBT Outdoor Beam features dual active infra red beams.  Range vary up to 100m.
NV780 Quad
BS-200 Curtain Beam

Fire Detectors

While it may be the last thing on our mind, fire may happen anytime, anywhere. Yet having a smoke detector detect early sign of fire can greatly increase your chance of getting everyone out before the fire break out. Our Burglar Alarm Control Panels support a wide range of fire detector that is designed to give you that head start warning you need. They are:

  • Smoke Detector - mounted on ceiling in passageway, the smoke detector detects smoke before a fire outbreak, giving early warning for evacuation.  Should not be mounted in the kitchen
  • Heat Detector - can be installed in kitchen as it detects the rise of temperature rather than the presence of smoke. 
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor - the sensor measures the level of carbon monoxide in the air and will trigger an alarm if it exceeded the safety threshold.  Can be used for most application
Smoke Detector
Heat Detector
CO Detector

Glass Break and Vibration Sensors

Glass break sensors should be considered for applications with large glass panels such as retail shops, office buildings and residences. There are two types of glass break sensors.

  • Single technology Acoustic Sensors listen to the sound of breaking glass and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. They can cover a range of 6 - 10 m at 360 degrees range, and can be used to protect a number of windows or glass panels.
  • Dual technology sensors uses acoustic and vibration and such sensors must be mounted on each panel. It will trigger alarm only when both vibration and sound of breaking glass is detected.

 We carry the following:

  • Vitron Plus G3 Acoustic Sensor - suitable for ceiling/wall or flush mount design.  Covers 9m and protects all plate, tempered, laminated and wired pane glass
  • Sentrol 5600W - dual tech glass break sensor that provides protection for single point of entry such as sliding glass doors.  Up to 3 m.
  • GE DV1201A Vibration Sensor - protects vaults, safes and ATMs.  The sensor reacts to characteristic vibration patterns of breaking and entering tools.  Each sensor incorporate three channels - counting, integration, and explosion - that analyse frequencies, duration and amplitude to determine an intruder attack
Vitron Acoustic
Sentrol Dual Tech
GE DV1201A Vibration

Panic Buttons

A panic button can be used to quickly activate an alarm as a measure to mitigate an emergency situation. Panic buttons can be installed at cashiers, bank tellers as well as in the home. We carry the following:

  • Sentrol Pull Down Panic - can be mounted underneath or on side of desk or counter
  • HM-01 Panic - for surface mounting.  Manual reset
  • HM-01A - flush mount panic button.  Manual reset
Sentrol Panic
HM-01 Surface
HM-01 Flush

Siren and Strobe lights

In the event of an alarm activation, the siren will be activated.  The siren typically comes equipped with the strobe light.  The siren must be loud enough to alert the neighbours and frightened off intruders and the strobe light helps identify which premises the alarm is coming from. 

We carry different sirens for different applications.

  • Indoor Mini Siren - ideal for retail shops, offices and apartment
  • Outdoor Siren - ideal for buildings and residential houses
  • Metal Outdoor Siren - ideal for industry or harsh environment
Mini Siren
Outdoor Siren
Metal Siren




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