DSC Power Series

dsc burglar alarm systemDSC Power Series offers 2 range of burglar alarm panels - the PowerSeries 1832 and the PowerSeries 1864.

  • The Power Series 1832 is a 8 zone panel that can be expanded to a maximum of 32 zones.  It features 4 Partitions and can support up to 72 User Codes.
  • The Power Series 1864 is a 8 zone panel that can be expanded to a maximum of 64 zones.  Like the 1832, it supports 4 partitions and 72 User Codes.

Both panels are ideal for larger premises and it comes with its range of numeric and LCD keypads.

DSC Range of Keypads

We carry the following range of DSC Keypads:

  • DSC PK5508 LED Keypad for 8-Zone Display
  • DSC PK5516 LED Keypad for 16-Zone Display
  • DSC PK5550 LCD Keypad featuring 32 Character display


PK5550 LCD Keypad
PK5516 LED Keypad
PK5508 LED Keypad


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