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paradox spectra logoParadox Spectra Series offers an innovative Burglar Alarm Security System that can be expanded via wireless and hardwired expansion modules and a variety of accessory modules.  With its reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, Spectra is an ideal security system for any residential or commercial installations that require up to 32 zones of protection.

The basic workhorse is the SP4000.  The SP400 is a 4 Zone Controller that is ideal for offices and apartment units that may have a typical protection zone layout of front door, back door and a motion sensors.  However if more zones are required in the future, it can be expanded to a maximum of 32 Zone with its series of expansion modules.  The SP4000 features 2 Partitions and 32 User Codes. 

For larger offices and homes,the SP6000 and the SP7000 can be used.  The SP6000 is a 8 Zone Controller and can be expanded to a maximum of 32 Zones.  The SP7000 is a 16 Zone Controller and can be expanded to a maximum of 32 Zones.  Like the SP4000, both the SP6000 and the SP7000 features 2 Partitions and can handle up to 32 User Codes.

All 3 panels support GPRS/GSM module (optional).  This module enables the Spectra Panel to transmit and send SMS via a moblie link instead of via the conventional land lines.  If needed, an IP150 Internet Module can be added to link the panel to your internet.  With this module in place, you can access your panel remotely by mobile phone to check the status as well as perform arming and disarming operations.

For premises that requires more than 32 Zones, we recommend the Paradox EVO.


Spectra Range of Keypads

The Spectra Series support a wide range of keypads. We feature three keypads for your consideration.  They are

  • TM50 touch screen features easy to use menu with onscreen colour display 
  • K32 LCD keypad features a 32 character LCD display with menu-driven programming for easy setup. 
  • K32 LED keypad features 32 zone LED display and may be used with either K32 LCD or the TM50. 
TM50 Touchscreen
K32 LCD Keypad
K32 LED Keypad


Spectra Panel Accessories

The Spectra series includes a number of plug-in accessories to expand its capability and to meet the different requirement. They are:

  • ZX8 8-Zone Expansion Module to increase the On-board zones up to a maximum of 32
  • RTX3 Wireless Expansion Module to add 32 wireless zones to the system
  • PGM4 4-PGM Expansion Module featuring 4 fully programmable relay outputs
ZX8 Expander
RTX3 Wireless Zones
PGM4 Expander

EVO 192 Communication Accessories

The EVO is flexible and is able to communicate and send out information via wireless, network or SMS with the help of these accessories.
  • 307USB PC Interface (up to 60m) for connecting to PC
  • PCS200 GPRS Module for SMS message
  • IP150 Internet Module for internet control and monitoring via web browser
  • VDMP3 Plug in Voice Module for sending voice messages (up to 5 phone numbers)
307USB PC Interface
PCS200 GPRS Module for SMS
IP150 Internet Module
VDMP3 Plug in Voice


Spectra Panels Comparison Chart

The Spectra Series is a flexible workhorse with scalability and modular design.  Each model comes with a fixed no of on-board zones.  More commonly used is the SP4000 and the SP6000.  If more zones are required, it is better to go with the Digiplex EVO series.


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