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card access keysStrong sturdy doors with good locks is the front line defence against break-in. However no matter how good the lockset, how sturdy the door, its greatest weakness lies in the way we manage the distribution and allocation of keys. As keys are cheap and easy to duplicate, it poses a security risk whenever a key is lost. Do we simply replace the lost key or do we changed the lock? And what if a disgruntled employee is dismissed or had resigned? Do we know for a fact that they did not hold any duplicates?

Electronic Card Access System offers a better alternative as their authorisation to your office is programmable. An employee who leaves the firm can be denied access simply by programming the reader. While they are generally referred to as Card Access Systems, the technology is varied and include Keypad PIN numbers, proximity cards, RFID, MIFARE as well as biometric fingerprint.

We offer a wide range of card access solutions, suited to your needs and budgets. Check out the various solutions below or contact us at 6286 4796 for an obligation free evaluation and quote.

Single Door Access

pix standalone readerSingle Door Access applications utilised controllers that comes with a built-in reader and keypad. They can be

  • Standalone Reader Controller
  • Networked Reader Controller

These Readers are commonly used for premises where only one door is it to be controlled. For offices, this would normally be the main entrance. For homes, it may be a side gate or the main door.

In many applications, there is seldom a need to link to a computer except where the office has many staff (beyond 20) and it would be difficult to manage the cards without the use of the a computer. Or where they wish to track when staff come into the office.

Contact Us at 6286 4796 or click below to see how range of Standalone and Network Door Access Readers.


Multliple Doors Access

card access turnstile multiple doorsMultiple doors access applications utilised controllers that are connected with a wide range of readers.  They are linked in a network with a PC running an Access Managment software.  Such applications tended to be in offices where there is more than 1 doors to be controlled.  They are also implemented in commercial buildings, condominiums as well as industrial plants.  And they are used to control gates, barriers, turnstiles, auto sliding doors as well as office doors and private apartments.  

The systems can be integrated with other systems like CCTV, Fire Alarm, Building Automation and Burglar Alarm Systems, and customised according to your need. 

Depending on your scale, budget and complexity, we have the various ranges and brands to meet your needs.

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