Other Accessories

Besides the locks system, there are other accessories that are needed for the system to work properly.

Proximity Cards

Proximity Cards comes in a number of technologies. They are:

  • EM Proximity Cards
  • HID Proximity Cards
  • MiFare Proximity Cards
  • HID iClass Cards

Whatever the technologies, the cards normally comes in 3 forms:

  • thin card (credit card size and thickness?
  • thick card (clamshell type - same size as credit cards only thicker)
  • tags (size of a 20 cents coin)
EM Thin Card
EM Thick Card
EM Tag
HID Thin Card
HID Thick Card

Exit & Break Glass

Exit Push Button
Hands Free Exit
Surface Bypass Switch
Flush Bypass Switch
Emergency Break Glass

Power Supply and Remote

12V 5A Power Supply
12V 7AH Battery
Wireless Remote for Door Release

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