Single Door Biometric Readers

Fingerprint Card AccessThere are several forms of biometric identification employed in access control. They are:

  • Fingerprint
  • Face
  • Vein
  • Hand Geometry

Using biometric technology increases the security level of the systems as it eliminates problems such as lost, stolen or loaned ID cards, and forgotten or guessed PINs. For application of time & attendance, it prevents the problem of someone else clocking on another person's behalf.

All biometric readers function by comparing templates stored in its memory to the scan obtained during the process of identification. If the scan match the the template, the ID number of that person is sent to a control panel. The control panel then checks permissions of the user and makes the decision whether to grant access or not.

The communication between the reader and the control panel is usually done in the industry standard Wiegand protocol. The only exception is intelligent biometric readers that do not require any panels and directly control all door hardware.

Fingerprint Biometric

This is the most common form of biometrics that is being used. If you have other requirements, please contact us at 6286 4796.



Matrix COP

Suprema Biolite

card access GBF7 biometric card access bf 630 card access matrix biometric card access suprema biolite
GB-F7 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control comes with LCD Display and is capable of handling up to 500 Users. It operates in fingerprint and/or PIN mode. It can be connected to a computer via a LAN network BF-630 is one of biometric reader controller for single door with fingerprint security thru web based. It supports Fingerprint, RFID and Password 3 in 1 authentication. Matrix Cosec FOP is a versatile biometric reader that can operate in fingerprint, card, and PIN mode. It is modular and can easily handle the different card technologies by changing its card module. Suprema Biolite Solo is the standalone biometric access control terminal for small business. The device deliver fast matching speed and rapid responses while providing exceptional low error rate.

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