Single Door Network Readers

Single Door Network Card Access systems comprises controllers with built-in reader with the capability of linking to a computer either via RS-485 or TCP/IP. Programming can be via the keypad using pre-determined codes or via a computer.

They can operate in card, pin or card and pin mode. They incorporate more advanced features like time group access and door group access, normally set only via the computer terminal.

Typical applications includes offices where they want to keep track of staff movement as in time and attendance, or where they are controlling more than one door, and it is far easier and convenient to manage the database on a computer than to program individually at each reader.

We support a wide range of network readers so if you have one of these readers and needed help, feel free to contact us at 62864796.

Recommended Readers


MicroEngine GTR1200L

card access webpass reader microengine card access gtr1200
WebPass is a weather-proof Reader that support 20,000 Users in Card, PIN, Card & PIN operation. It is linked to computer via LAN cables and features web-based software MicroEngine XP-GTR1200LE is equipped with a Graphic LCD Display Screen and capsense keypad. It support 1,200 Users and can be linked to computer via LAN

Supported Readers

If you have these readers and you need help getting it to work, contact us at 6286 4796.

Soyal 721H
Soyal 725
EntryPass Mini
MicroEngine XP-M1000X

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