Single Door Standalone Readers

Single Door Standalone Readers are controllers with built-in reader. They are ideal for clients who want something simple and economical. The keypad is used for entering PIN number as well as for programming systems. Most of these systems can handle pin, card, card and pin.

We support a wide range of standalone readers so if you have one of these readers and needed help, feel free to contact us at 62864796.

Recommended Readers

IBA 7612

EntryProx 4045

 IBA 7612 Standalone Reader HID Entryprox 4045
IBA 7612 is an anti-vandal controller which support 500 PIN and / or RFID Users.  Support 8 digit PIN codes HID EntryProx 4045 is a standalone reader that is weatherproof and vandal proof.  Ideal for indoor & outdoor application.  It supports up to 2000 Users

Supported Readers

If you have these readers and you need help getting it to work, contact us at 6286 4796.

MicroEngine XP-SK32
MT 601

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