CCTV Remote Viewing

One of the best application of the internet is the ease by which you can remotely view and monitor your home, business or office. Simply connect our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to your modem/router, programmed a dedicated web site address such as, and you can now view your home, office or business, anytime, anywhere using your laptops, mobile phones or your pads.

Of course to do this properly, you will need to subscribe to an unlimited internet plan (doesn't matter if it is Starhub or Singnet) and to ensure that your router support DDNS and Port Forwarding. If in doubt, buy a Linksys router as all Linksys router support DDNS and they comes with a three year warranty.

Our Digital Video recorders are widely used in different industries and fast proving to be an efficient business management tool for many. And for home uses ers, it is offering home owners the peace of mind that come from knowing all is well at home.

watch over your home remotelyWatch Your Home

Whether it is to watch over the kids to ensure that they are well taken care of, or they are doing their homework; or watch over the domestic help to supervise their work; or to tighten the security of your home, the CCTV System is fast proving to be common and useful in many homes

Watch CCTV over retail shopWatch your Retail Shops

Wondering how's business at the shop when you are not there? Want to know that your customers are treated correctly by your staff? Have many shops and cannot be in everyone at the same time? With our DVR, you can view remotely from your office or home, and keep an eye on what is important.

remotely watch over warehouse with CCTVWatch your Warehouses

Have a remote warehouse that you need to monitor but no time to be there? With our DVR, you can remotely monitor the warehouse and see what is going on, anytime anywhere.

watch your factory using cctvWatch your Operations

Running a 24 hour operation but you cannot be there 24 hours? Install our CCTV System around critical process and you can monitor your operations, round the clock, anytime, anywhere


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