Analog CCTV System

Analog CCTV System has been in existence for many years and is commonly used in many application. Its attraction lies in the lower cost, the wide variety of cameras as well as the ease of implementation and usage.

analog cctv cameras systemA typical Analog CCTV System comprises:

  • a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with hard disk for storage
  • analog cameras such as dome, IR dome, IR bullet or body camera
  • accessories including power adaptors, power supplies, baluun connectors and TV monitors

All of our analogue CCTV System can be linked to the network and allow you to view remotely on a laptop, desktop and mobile phones.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) record video images captured by cameras and stored them digitally on hard disks. There are 2 types of DVR, They are:

  • Embedded DVR
  • PC Based DVR

Embedded DVR comes complete with its own proprietary operating systems, Graphical User Interface and display capability and may include interface for mouse, panel and remote controller. It is typically equipped with at least one USB port for backup to thumb drives or other portable external hard disks.

PC-Based DVR are really personal computer installed with system specific video captured cards. The Video Capture Card may support 4 or 8 cameras, and will take up 1 PC Slot. A dedicated DVR software is installed, running on Windows or Linux platform.

Embedded DVR has greatly increased in its processing power in these past years that they have massively outstrip the PC-Based DVR in many applications.  PC-Based DVR are currently used only in large installation where they need videos to be kept for more than 90 days and they need the additional processing power of the pc to perform storage back-up.  And even then for such application, the customers may opt for a fully IP system instead.  So while we still see some applications with PC-Based, it is really in the decline.

Embedded DVR

We carry a wide ranged of embedded DVR.  Depending on the number of cameras you need, you can opt for:

  • 4 Channel DVR - maximum 4 cameras
  • 8 Channel DVR - maximum 8 cameras
  • 16 Channel DVR - maximum 16 cameras
  • 32 Channel DVR - maximum 32 cameras

All our DVRs support concurrent live view, real-time playback and real-time recording. They utilise H.264 compression techniques, smooth viewing over the internet and 3G network, and can be viewed using Windows and Apple computers as well as smart phones and tabs.



HiKvision is the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions and is the premium brand widely recognised in Europe and Asia. Samsung is a premium Korean supplier of specialised surveillance products and solutions.

Surveillance Grade Hard Disk

seagate surveillance harddisk for cctv systemDepending on the model selected, each DVR can support 1, 2, 4 and 8 hard disks.  How many hard disk you need and what kind of size depends really on how long you needed to keep the data as well as how many cameras is needed.

For a typical home with 4 cameras, a 500 GB hard disk is adequate for storage up to 1 month.  

We use only surveillance grade hard disk.  Unlike the normal hard disk in your computer, the hard disk in your DVR is expected to work 24x7, reading and writing every second.  It needed to be hardier and more rugged than normal hard disk.  Hence the cost is higher than normal hard disk. 

Even with the surveillance grade, it does not mean that the hard disk will not fail.  To ensure data integrity and no loss of video, it is good to replace the hard disk once every 3 years.

CCTV Cameras

Compared to cameras of previous years, the modern cameras are much smaller, sharper and cheaper. With advances made in technology and improvement in manufacturing, there is now so wide a range that it is impossible to include every variety of camera on this web site.

We carry a wide range of cameras.  They are:

  • Dome Cameras
  • IR Dome Cameras
  • IR Bullet Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Speed Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are normally installed indoors and mounted on ceilings. Typically fitted with a 3.6 mm lens, it has a viewing angle of 90 degrees. Placing dome cameras in the corner puts it in a good position to capture all the actions in a room. Wider viewing angle of 100 degrees can be achieved by using 2.5 mm lens.

Dome Camera
Recessed Dome Camera
Flushed Dome Camera

IR Dome Cameras

Infra Red Dome Cameras have outer metal casings and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Equipped with Infra Red LEDs which will automatically turn under low light condition, the cameras can operate even when it is pitch dark.

IR Dome Camera
IR Vari-focal Dome

The IR Dome comes with standard 3.6mm lens. The Vari-focal cameras come with 2.8 - 12mm lens which allow you to see wide angle or view a zoom-in picture. The vari-focal lens is manually adjusted and normally set on site.

IR Bullet Cameras

Bullet Infra Red Cameras are popular for indoor and outdoor use. Mounted on a bracket, it can be installed from the ceiling or from a wall. Different brackets enhance its strategic viewing position. Equipped with Infra Red LEDs, it can enable viewing and recording for up to 30 m.

IR Bullet Camera
IR Bullet Vari-focal

Box Cameras

Box type body cameras has the ability to be used with different types and size of lens enabling the camera to monitor objects from virtually any distance. Ideal for monitoring cashier counters as well as external perimeters. Day/Night Cameras should be used for outdoor applications.


Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras, spy cameras or covert cameras - these terms are used interchangeably for cameras which are often disguised as other objects and are often invisible to the subject being monitored. Hidden cameras are fast becoming popular for household surveillance and can be built into common household objects such as motion detectors, smoke detectors, clocks and photo frame. While it is ideal for catching the action, it does not deter crime and in some cases, may raise privacy issues. Hence it should be used only under special circumstances.

Miniature Cameras
Clock Hidden Cameras
Curved Mirror Cameras
Smoke Detector Cameras
Motion Sensor Cameras

Speed Dome Cameras

Speed Dome Cameras are fast speed, encapsulated self-contained Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras that are fast replacing traditional Pan/Tilt/Zoom motorised cameras. Ideal for applications such as outdoor parking lots, perimeter protection, town center surveillance and expressway surveillance, the speed dome camera can pan 360 degrees continuously, tilt 180 degrees and zoom up to 300 times. With as many as 256 preset position, you can switch it from one position to another - all within 2 seconds flat. And with some programming, you can set it on video watch tour, allowing it to automatically pan, tilt and zoom to your selected preset positions, making it a vital tool in surveillance

For applications that does not need the camera to pan or tilt, we carry a range of Motorised Lens Zoom cameras. .

Speed Dome Cameras
Motorised Lens Zoom Cameras

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