How to Choose a CCTV System?

What kind of CCTV System should you choose? A normal analog, HD or IP? How many cameras do I need and what type of cameras should I install? Where should I place my cameras? These are good questions and we invite you to contact us so that we can help you answer these questions. So feel free to call us at 6286 4796 and we can send our consultant to walk you through the design. As a guide, the kind of system, the number and types of cameras depends on your application and budget.

Residential CCTV

outdoor cctv cameras for residentialMost of our residential clients would normally select an analog camera system rather than an IP. Most of them do not require the high image resolution of IP systems as in most cases, they can identify the people based on the body shape. With the introduction of HD-TVI, we are migrating our clients from analog to HD so that they can get better resolution at affordable prices. In most premises, they would have outdoor IR Bullet Cameras to cover the following areas:

  • Front porch
  • back yard
  • side corridors of the house (for semi-detached and bungalow)

In most cases, they will have only 4 cameras. However if they want to put cameras inside the houes, the common areas would be:

  • living room area
  • dining area
  • kitchen
  • staircase common area
  • children's room (if they have young children?

For the cameras inside the house, we would use IR Dome Cameras. We do not advocate hidden cameras unless there are exceptional situation. Nor do we normally install microphones in the homes.

Retail Shop CCTV

cctv cameras with pos Like our residential clients, most retail shops would install an HD system. The number of cameras depends on the size and configuration of the shop. Generally they will install IR Dome Cameras with a vari-focal IR Bullet or Box Camera for the cashiers counter. They may install a microphone near the cashier's area to record transactions in case there is a dispute.

We have on a number of occasions integrate the cashier's camera with the cash register machine so that it shows the cash transaction with the image

Typical areas covered are:

  • front door
  • cashiers counter
  • display counters
  • near changing rooms
  • store rooms
  • front and back areas

Office CCTV

Most offices would install cameras to cover the main reception areas and any entrances and exit that lead into the office. They may install cameras outside the office's premises. If they have a server room, a number of our clients would install cameras inside the server room.

A typical office would normally install 4 to 8 cameras.

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