comparison between hd and analog imageThe analog camera, no matter how high its resolution, is constrained by the TV broadcast standards (PAL) to a resolution no higher than 720 x 575.  The PAL standards was implemented more than 50 years ago to ensure compatibility with all tv broadcast and equipment. This resolution of 720 x 525 if converted to pixel approximate to 0.3MPixel.  Which really means that the picture captured by CCTV cannot even match the image captured by the cheapest mobile phone.  That is why it is often hard to identify details captured on CCTV.  Compare the 2 pictures.  D1 is the highest analog resolution of 720 x 525. 

The invention of the HD CCTV established a new standard that freed analog cameras and recorders from the limitations of PALA.  There are currently 4 competitng standards for HD video recording.  They are HD-SVI, TVI, CVI and AHD:

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Like the old VHS versus Betamax war, it is important to bet on the right standards. We have considered the specifications and the trends and have decided on the TVI. The HD-SDI has since been abandoned. The CVI standard is a proprietary standard of only 1 company and the AHD is far from its competition in its performance. TVI comes from a US based company that currently counts over 100 manufacturers using their chipset. HiKVision, the largest CCTV cameras and recorder manufacturer, is using the TVI technology, greatly increasing the likelihood that TVI will become the defacto standard.

And one great advantage of the TVI is its flexibility to accept analog cameras and HD cameras, making upgrading of analog system attractive and cost-effective. So if you have an existing premise with many analog cameras, you can still upgrade by changing the DVR to HD-DVR and replacing only cameras that you need a better resolution. And as the other cameras fail, you can replace them with the latest HD-TVI cameras.

We carry the HD-TVI System. Depending on the number of cameras you need, you can opt for:

  • 4 Channel DVR - maximum 4 cameras
  • 8 Channel DVR - maximum 8 cameras
  • 16 Channel DVR - maximum 16 cameras
  • 32 Channel DVR - maximum 32 cameras
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HD Cameras

The HD-TVI cameras we carry comes in two resolution ranges - 720P and the 1080P.

The 720P HD camera has a resolution of 1280 x 720 px which approximate to 1MPixel. Compared to the normal analog of 0.3 MPixel, this is 3 times better.

The 1080P HD camera has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which approximate to 2MPixel. While there seems to be a big difference between the 720P and the 1080P, the difference is not appreciable unless you are viewing it on a 1080P TV or monitor. Otherwise if you are using your mobile phone most of the time, then you would not be able to tell the difference. Both are High Definition (HD) and they will appear to be as sharp.

In most applications, particularly for homes and offices, a 720P should suffice. But if you need a 1080P, just feel free to contact us at 6286 4796.

  • IR Dome Cameras
  • IR Bullet Cameras

IR Dome Cameras

Like the analog camera, the HD Infra Red Dome Cameras can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. We carry two HD resolutions - 720P and 1080P for both the fixed and varifocal lens. The fixed lens is the 3.6mm and the varifocal lens is from 2.8mm to 12mm.

IR Dome Camera
IR Vari-focal Dome

IR Bullet Cameras

Bullet Infra Red Cameras are typically used for wall mounting. We carry both the 720P and the 1080P range.

IR Bullet Camera
IR Bullet Vari-focal

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