ip camera versus analog image comparisonAn IP Camera captures an image, digitized and transmit the data to the recorder using TCP/IP network cable.  Because the signal is digital, there is no need for the encoding and the decoding at camera and recorder end that are inherent with analog system.  The image  is literally transmitted with no loss and distortion, resulting in a clean sharp image that we have come to expect in an IP System.

The IP System are also not restricted by the PAL standard which controls the receiving, the transmission and the recording.  Hence there is really no limit to the resolution of the image. Hence it is not surprising to read specifications of IP Cameras of even 20 MPixel.  Thus it is no suprise that IP CCTV System is dominant where sharpness is critical.

IP Cameras are commonly deployed in large areas that are busy and crowded and there may be a need to make out and identify a person. So we see them in many public areas and public building. Its power lies in the ability to zoom in as shown in the picture beside.

Why IP?

IP or Digital camera presents a number of obvious advantages over analog cameras.  IP cameras have a higher resolution of at least 640 x 480 can can provide multi-megapixel resolution and HDTV image quality at 30 frames per second.  As they are linked over a Local Area Network (LAN), they can be moved anywhere on the network (including wireless network).

Some IP Cameras are equipped with built-in microphone and speaker, enabling two-way audio communication via a single network cable.  This enable users to communicate with what they are seeing e.g. a parent talking with the children remotely.

However IP Cameras are costlier than analog cameras.  And the infrastructure needed to implement one is more involved.  It is a not a matter of how many cameras rather one need to calcuate the distance and determine the number and type of routers and switches. 

When Should We Use IP Cameras?

Studies suggests that for systems with less than 16 camera, analog system is cheaper.  For system that require 16 - 32, they are equal.  Beyond 32, IP-based systems are more cost effective. 

If your application require you to capture high resolution image for future detection and identification analysis such as monitoring of crowded train stations and road junctions, then an IP Camera with Megapixel capability would be the preferred solution.

Range of IP Cameras

We carry a wide range of brands of IP Cameras. They are HiKvision, AXIS, Vivotek and ACTI. Contact us at 6286 4796 to determine one that is best suited for your needs.

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