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Key Telephone System

A key phone system or key telephone system is a multi-line telephone system typically used in many offices for connecting internal users to each other as well as to the outside world. While there were traditional differences between a key phone system and a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), much of these distinctions are blurred. If there is any distinction, it probably lies in the capacity to handle calls and traffic, and other additional management capability.

For voice conversation - your telephone system is an integral part of your establishment and is your main tool of communication. It is your primary link to your business partners, customers, suppliers, employees, colleagues, friends, and even family members.

Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX

Panasonic keyphone TES824 The KX-TES824 Advanced Hybrid PBX System can cost effectively support all your personal and business
communication needs. The system supports 3 outside (CO) lines and 8 extensions - all built-in so you can use the system straight out of the box. With optional cards, you can easily expand the capacity up to 8 outside (CO) lines and 24 extensions* as your needs grow. The system provides features that can satisfy the demands of the cost sophisticated and cost conscious users. You can even connect a variety of communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax machines, and any other device that works with conventional telephone lines.

Packed with so many features - the Panasonic KX-TES824 is ideal for a small business or home office requiring a flexible system with a high degree of sophistication.

Panasonic PBX and Accessories

Panasonic keyphone T7730XPanasonic KX-T7730X

24-Button Speakerphone Telephone with 1-Line Backlit LCD Display


Panasonic keyphone T7750XPanasonic KX-T7750

24-Button Monitor Telephone

Panasonic keyphone T30865Panasonic KX-T30865

You can add security and reduce time spent running to answer the door with the Door Intercom Station. When its call button is pressed, this door intercom will ring the phones with a distinctive ring.  Once answered, you can release the door using the phone


Panasonic keyphone kx t7765Panasonic KX-T7765

The KX-T7765 is a new high quality design door phone. It is suitable for home and office use on any door type with its metallic finish.  At dusk, visitors can easily find the call button thanks to the luminous ring, making access so much quicker.


Panasonic keyphone kx ta82483Panasonic KX-TA82483 Expander

This card can be installed in either expansion card slot. KX-TA82483 Features: Expansion Card, Add Up To 3 CO Lines / 8 Stations


Panasonic keyphone kx ta82460Panasonic KX-TA82460

The Panasonic KX-TA82460 provides connections up to 4 door intercom and control 2 door outputs 


Panasonic keyphone kx te82493xPanasonic KX-TE82493 Caller ID Card

The Panasonic KX-TE82493 Caller ID card allows caller ID information to appear on the display of the Panasonic 7000 & 7700 series telephones


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