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Motion Sensing Lights

motion sensor lightHave you ever seen outdoor lights that only come on when they detect movement? These are called motion sensor lights and they offer many advantages to a home owner.

One of the key reasons why people install these lights is that it can greatly improve the security to your premises. Nothing frightens the would-be burglar than having a bright light come on and shine on them. Not only would they be instantly blinded but they would think there is someone in and had switched on the light.

Compared with an outdoor light that is turned on throughout the night, the motion sensing lights comes on only when it detects motion, saving you money on your utility bills.

The Motion Sensing Lights comprises 4 components. They are

  • Motion Sensor
  • Built-In Lux Sensor
  • Built-In timer
  • LED Light

The motion sensor scan the area for movement. Like the motion sensor for the burglar alarm system, the sensor detects Infra Red (body heat). It will turn on the light only if the lux sensor indicate that it is dark. And the light will come on for the duration set by the timer.

The lux sensor detects the amount of light and can be adjusted. A good way to prevent unwanted switching on of the light is to use a timer clock on the power. So if you only want to activate the sensor after 2 am, you can set the clock to switch on the power to the light at 2 am and perhaps cut off at 6:00 am.

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