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Maintenance & Servicing

Investing in security technologies has become a more complex business decision.  Operational expectations and security contingencies have prompted users to focus on ensuring the system is continuously operational.  Mission critical operations requiring tighter security have seen the creation of regular security audits, some of these audits requested internally, others are driven externally either by industry regulators, government bodies and even customers' requirement.

To meet such requirement, it is necessary and important for the users to consider and embark on a maintenance & servicing program that will keep the systems operational as well as extent its usability life.

Types of Maintenance Programs

Warranty encompasses a period of time immediately following acceptance of an installed security system (typically 1 year) during which we are responsible to ensure that the equipment installed is suited for its uses.  If the parts were to fail within the warranty period (except for abuses and acts of gods), we undertake to repalce or repair the parts at no cost to our customers.

Preventive Maintenance is just like visiting the doctor for a check up each year, whether one is sick or not.  The security system is checked by our techicians who review the system programming, test each components, adjust and clean the equipment to ensure quality operations.  Depending on the type and scope of the system, we offer three types of Preventive Maintenance.  They are:

  • Annual Maintenance where we checked the system once a year
  • Bi-Annual Maintenance where we checked the system twice a year
  • Quarterly Maintenance where we checked the system four times a year.  This is the most common.


Breakdown Maintenance is our response to a problem, identified by the end user.  It may be provided under a Preventive Maintenance Contract or may be a fixed fee for labour and added costs for parts.

Selecting A Maintenance Program

With a system maintenance program comes added cost.  Which program to select depends on the complexity of the installed security system, the size and scope, users' requirement as well as the users' ability to handle parts of the servicing and maintenance.

Where the system is complex and the users do not have the technical resources, it may be better to outsource the servicing.  But where the users have the technical teams, they may want to consider doing most of the maintenance and coming to us only for breakdown maintenance.


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