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SMS Alert

receive burglar alarm notification on your mobile phoneLinking your burglar alarm system to a Central Alarm Monitoring Station is the best way to ensure rapid response to an emergency.

However some people may prefer to monitor the alarm themselves. In such cases, the panel is programmed to dial to their mobile phone. In the event of an alarm, he will receive a call from his premises and hear only a "fax tone". There is no further information on what area and what kind of alarm nor can he interact with the system.

A better alternative would be to add a voice module or to purchase an alarm panel that comes with voice annunciation. In this case, when there is an alarm, he will receive voice annunciation of the zone and he can interact with the system to disarm or to enquire more.

So while it is possible to monitor the panel yourself on your mobile phone, there is a definite delay in how quickly we pick up the phone and how long it takes us to listen to the message. And what if you are in an area where the mobile signal is weak or you have placed it on the silent mode?

Why SMS?

subscribe to sms alert to receive burglar alarm notificationOur SMS Alert Services delivers critical alarm information in the form of Short Message Service (SMS).

In the event of an alarm, your security panel is programmed to contact our SMS Alert Centre where our SMS Servers will intercept and interpret the coded messages, search your contacts and deliver the critical information to you via SMS.

We can send the SMS to 3 designated persons, notifying them the status of every alarm event. Each SMS messages can be customised so that you will know the exact area where the alarm is triggered. We can even inform you when and who arm or disarm the system.

The clear advantage of SMS Alert Notification is the speed by which you receive the notification, the number of people who can receive the notification at almost the same time, and the details of the alarm.

So if you are thinking of monitoring the alarm yourself, why not sign up our SMS Alert instead?

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