Maintain Your Burglar Alarm

burglar alarm maintenance engineer check list for hazards and risk

How do you maintain your alarm? A good way is to perform a regular walk-test. Arm the system and open windows and doors to trigger the alarm. And check that you receive notification on your mobile phones.

Reduce False Alarm

reduce false alarm

A false alarm is a nuisance and annoying both for you and your neighbours. If you have good neighbours, they may help keep an eye on your premises. But if false alarms occur regularly, they may just ignore them. So it is important to keep false alarms to a minimum.

Using Your Alarm

using burglar alarm

The Alarm System comprises the main panel, keypads, detectors and sensors, and Siren. The keypad is the user interface to the system. Through the keypad, the user can check the status of the system, arm and disarm, or activate panic alarms.

Know Your Detectors and Sensors

know your detectors

We use different detectors and sensors to detect intrusion. These detectors may be installed externally or along the perimeter of the premises such as fence intrusions, door and window contacts.

How Your Burglar Alarm Work?

reduce false alarm

A Burglar Alarm System comrpise a controller, keypads, detectors and sirens. The controller is the brain and is equipped with inputs often referred to as Zones. Keypads are the user interface of the system.

Understand Your Burglar Alarm System Design

understanding your alarm design and protect your family

Homes without a burglar alarm system is 3 times more likely to be broken into. Deciding to install one is a good decision. But how do you start? Should you protect every windows and doors on every floor?

10 Tips for Securing Your Premises

10 tips for securing your premises from burglars

There is no burglar-proof home. Only homes that are more difficult to break into than others. 10 Tips to Secure Your Premises and enjoy the peace of mind you need.