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using burglar alarm

Using Your Alarm

The alarm System comprises the main panel, keypads, detectors and sensors, and Siren. The main panel is normally located in the utility, store or sometimes under the staircase inside the house. It comes complete with a 7AH battery that keeps it working for up to 2 hours in the event of a power failure.

Wireless Alarm Panel such as the AJAX Hub may sit on a table or mounted on the wall in the open rather than hidden.


The keypad is the user interface to the system. Through the keypad, the user can check the status of the system, arm and disarm, or activate panic alarms. Different systems can support a different number of keypads.

We recommend a keypad for each floor. The keypads are normally placed near the front door and common corridors. WIth multiple keypads, you can arm and disarm using any of the keypads.


Arming is telling the system to trigger an alarm when there is a breach of the security zones. Sensors can be programmed as Perimeter or Interior. Most systems support 2 arming modes. 

  • Arming away activates both perimeter and interior zones. It tells the system that no one is in and the system should sound an alarm when any zones are triggered.
  • Arming Stay is arming only the perimeter. This is normally for arming the house at night when there are still people in the house. Under this mode model, the system will ignore any motion sensors that detect movement inside the house.


Disarming is telling the system that all is well and putting the zone to normal mode.

Alarm Activation

When an intrusion occurs, the Siren will sound. This is to alert the occupants and their neighbours. Loud Siren sound can also frighten the intruder and reduce his stay on the premises.

At the same time, the panel will notify external parties via the phone line. The panel can notify a monitoring company, or dial a pre-defined number.

Under Singapore Standards SS558: 2010, the Siren can only sound for no more than 8 minutes. This means how we respond to an alarm is crucial.

Newer alarm panels provide mobile apps that the user can use to see which zones and to disarm the system. CCTV cameras provide video verification and the user can call the police to attend to the site.

Alarm and Status 

To silence and acknowledge the alarm, you will need to disarm the system. Once disarm, the siren will be silenced and you can scroll through its logs to see which zone was activated.

In its disarm state, you can interrogate the system for its status as well as check if the system has detected any systems fault.


You can update the date and time of your system as well as change the user PIN numberPIN. To do this, you will need to have the MASTER PIN. Consult your manuals for the instruction.

The different models and brands will have their own steps to arm, disarm, check status or program. When in doubt, check the User Guide or contact Securevision.

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