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rackmount your nvr for neat cable management

5 Reasons Why You Should Rackmount Your NVRs

When setting up a new CCTV System, you might be tempted to just sit the NVR on a desk or inside some cabinet or shelf. While this is certainly the most common option, it likely isn’t the best. Rackmount your NVRs is a better neater solution.

Housing the CCTV NVR in a rack not only prevent your NVR from tampering. It also can extend the life of your NVR as it provide a well ventilated environment for your NVR.

wall mounted rack cabinet for cctv nvr and switches

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a rack mount cabinet.

1. Rackmount Your NVR to Protect NVR

Placing the NVR in the rack under lock and key, tucked at a height protects the NVR from being tampered with or taken away. Compared to sitting it on a desk where it is at risk of having liquids spilt on it, or cameras cables detached, the NVR in the rack is protected and is kept securely at all times.

cctv network recorder on table top open to tamper

2. Rackmount Your NVR for Proper Cooling

Racks are designed to facilitate proper airflow, which keeps the NVR nice and cool. When an NVR is being kept at a normal desk, on the other hand, the fans can be pushed against cube walls or otherwise blocked. This can severely reduce the cooling capacity of the NVR. causing it not to function properly over time.

rack mounted cabinet fans keep equipment cool

3. Rackmount Your NVR for Neat Cable Management

NVR on desks or shelves can often become a source for a lot of disorganization. All the cables can get tangled, damaged by being kicked or stepped on. When the NVR is kept in the server rack, all the cabling will be kept much more organized. 

CCTV NVR and Cameras connected to switches neatly place in cabinet rack

4. Rackmount Your NVR for Better Power Management

Keeping multiple NVRs. Modems and Switches in one rack with shelves can make it easier to provide them with more consistent power. It is also possible to use one smaller uninterrupted power supply (UPS) placed in the rack to provide localized redundancy for key equipment.

rack housed UPS and CCTV Equipment together neatly

5. Rackmount Your NVR for Cleaner Environment

Dust can cause a lot of issues within the NVR. By housing the NVRs in the racks, you will have an extra barrier of protection against this type of contaminant from getting inside the computers and causing problems.

6U Wall mouted rack cabinet recommended for most application

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