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How To Choose Multi-Door Access

Selecting A Multi-Door Access System

Selecting and deploying a multi-door system is a business-critical decision that will affect all users of your facility for a long time. In making that decision, you may want to think long term and consider the following:

Size and Scale of Multi-Door Access Deployment

The needs of a small office that has a couple of entries to secure are very different from those of a large enterprise that has to secure hundreds of doors across multiple sites. So in selecting a system, do consider the number of doors to control and the scalability to make sure that the software and hardware of the Access System can support it.

On-Premises or Cloud Connected Multi-Door Access

On-Premise Access Software comes with tons of features and programmability which allow you to control who is authorised to use a particular door at what time. However, programming and maintaining the on-site application can be a challenge as you need on-site staff to operate.

ZKBio Cloud Based Software for multi door access

Cloud-based access control takes the burden off the need to be on-site and allow you to access your platform from mobile apps or remote web browsers.

Types of Credentials For Door Access

While Cards and PIN are popular, they are not as secure as it does not link the credential to a person’s identity. Lost or stolen cards remain a looming threat. Biometrics and two-factor authentication with mobile apps can add more security to a multi-door system

biometric face recognition for door access

Ease of Scalability

How easy is it to add controllers and expand the systems? And if a future need arises for integration to another platform, how easy is that

How To Get Started

Choosing the right door access system and the associated technologies and peripheral devices is crucial. It affects your operations and the ease and convenience of having data at your fingertip.

If you are planning only to install door access for a single main entrance and you have less than 10 staff, the decision is quite a simple one. And for most companies, may be quite tempted to settle for the cheapest, simple standalone reader.

However, if you have more than 50 staff and many entrances or even multi-site, then you do need to plan longer term. It is much easier to change a system overnight for a company of 10, but quite a different thing for a company with 50.

Software – simple or Integrated Multi-Door Access

Where possible, we advocate looking for a system that comes with the software. With Access Management Software, you can keep track of staff access rights. You can easily update or change access rights. You can assign employees to different access groups and grant access rights for certain groups of doors, and even allocate different time zones so that access is granted for example during office hours, and denied outside these hours.

ZKBioSecurity Software

And for more sensitive areas like a server room or high-value stores, you can even add two-factor authentication. And in some applications, you may require that access be granted only if two authorised person present their credentials at the same time.


While cards are common, you may want to look for a system that can support a mix of technologies. With the current COVID situation, we are seeing more demand for face recognition with temperature control for the main entrance, and cards for the internal areas.

So in planning, do look for a system that gives you the flexibility of mix and match technologies. Common now is the use of mobile phones, blue tooth and QR codes.

Remote Administration

The ability of the remote administration is much in demand as more people work from home. Even if the software is not on the cloud, it can be accessed via a web browser and allow the administrator to set access rights.

ZKTeco Advantage

ZKTeco offers a competitively priced system that meets your multi-door requirement. Their software is modular based and you can add and expand its functionality. For example, if you need to implement Visitor Management or Time & Attendance, you can add that functionality easily by adding the license.

ZKTeco’s controllers can support the various readers’ technologies and you can have a mix of technology within the system. ZKTeco supports remote and multiple site applications.

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