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HD Analogue CCTV

Switch Your Analogue to HD without Changing Cabling

HD Image on analogue cables.  Contact SECUREVISION

Upgrade to HD Analogue CCTV

HD analogue cameras are a special type of camera that can record surveillance in 1080P High Definition working on old coaxial cables.

They present an affordable upgrade path for clients who would like to have HD quality images without the need for re-cabling.  This is true, particularly for clients on a budget or who have invested in extensive cable infrastructure which they may not be able to replace in a hurry.

Keeping the cables in their place, you only need to replace your old Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with an HD DVR.  The HD DVR can work with your existing analogue cameras so you do not need to change all cameras at the same time.  Rather you can select the cameras that are crucial and upgrade them to an HD-Analogue Camera.  And as the other cameras fail, you can replace them with HD Analogue one at a time.  

Switch them and see the change in your image resolution. (Click here and see the image difference between analogue and HD analogue)

Hikvision HD Analogue CCTV

Ever since its launch in 2013, Hikvision Turbo HD Series has been widely applauded for its amazing abilities.  The Turbo HD line transforms analogue CCTV video into high quality, high definition surveillance.  

Hikvision HD Analogue DVR

Hikvision HD DVR

HD DVRs support HD videos, H.265 Pro+ and H.265 encoding technology, 4K resolution output, power over coax (PoC), multiple VCA events and more.

Hikvision HD Cameras

Hikvision HD Cameras

HD Analog Cameras offer cost-effective, high-quality video surveillance solutions. Users will enjoy high definition video, plug-and-play using existing coaxial cable

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