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Akuvox R20A IP Intercom

Choosing Intercom for your home

Looking for an intercom for your residential premises home but not sure how to get started?

A good way to start is to understand your needs and how you plan to use the intercom system. You may want to consider the following factors before you settled on a brand or model.


1. Number of door stations

A door station is a device installed outside your premises. It comprises a built-in microphone, a camera if this is a video intercom and a pushbutton. It has a built-in relay for controlling an external door or gate. And it is linked to monitors that are installed inside the house.

Aiphone door station for residential intercom

Most premises will need only 1 door station as they have only one main entrance. Larger properties may have a front and back gate that a visitor may access.

Not every brand or model supports 2 door stations. For example, the Kocom MS-2D Door Station can only support 1 door station. Aiphone IE-GD(U) support only 1 door whereas the IE-2A2DU supports 2 doors. The Akuvox R20A runs on a network and there is no limit to the number of doors it can support.

2. Number of doors

Some door stations like the Kocom MS-2D can only control a single door. So if you have a main swing gate for cars and a side gate for pedestrians, you may have to decide which gate to connect to.
Other models like the Aiphone IE-2A2DU allow you to control both gates.

3. Number of Substations

A substation connected to the door station allows the resident to talk to the visitor. We install them in the Living Room, kitchen or near staircases. We recommend at least one per floor.

Most intercoms can support up to 3 substations. If you need more than 3, then your choices are more restricted. Aiphone wired series can handle up to 8 substations. Akuvox does not have a limitation as it is an IP network device.

4. Audio or Video Intercom

Audio intercoms are much cheaper. But there is a rising demand for video intercoms. Video Intercom allows you to see who is at the door and if they are alone. Video Intercom also allows you to see if there is anyone loitering outside your gate. It serves as an extra camera.

5. Mobile Phone Access

Do you need mobile phone access? Do you want the system to notify you on a mobile phone app when someone is at the door? If this is a necessity, then you may need to select a network-based intercom.

6. Cabling

If you are renovating your premises, cabling is not an issue. But for retrofitting or replacement, your existing cable type will affect our selection. Some of the newer IP Based Systems would not be able to take over a 2 or 4 wired network. Akuvox has n IP Based Series that utilise a 2 wired system.

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