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Hikvision Cameras

Cameras for every situation

Hikvision Camera for Every Situation

Security requirements vary from premise to premise.  That is why Hikvision designs and tailors network cameras to meet the various needs.  From the general video surveillance needs for homes and businesses to video content analysis (VCA) based on Deep Learning Algorithms for facial Identification, Licence Plate Recognition and Object tracking for institutions and public facilities.

Rendering high-quality images across a range of lighting conditions, different ranges of Hikvision cameras are designed to handle diverse applications.

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Hikvision Cameras Series

Hikvision currently has 7 Series of cameras.  They are labelled EasyIP Series 1 to 7.  The camera model is denoted DS-2CD1xxx to DS-2CD7xxx.

There are 4 main series that are more commonly used.  They are:

  • Value Series EasyIP Series 1.  This series is a cost-effective range and is intended for the budget-conscious, entry-level market.  The cameras are denoted DS-2CD1xxx.  We do not carry nor recommend this range.
  • Pro Series EasyIP Series 2. The cameras are denoted DS-2CD2xxx and they present a perfect balance of performance and value.  This range provides the right components including intelligent features that are affordable and easy to use.  We recommend this range for many applications for Homes & Businesses.  
  • Ultra Series (Smart IP) EasyIP 3 & 5.   Denoted by DS-2CD3xxx and DS-2CD5xxx,  these series combine low-light surveillance and high-definition recognition.  Ideal for enterprise projects with surprising high performance.
  • DeepinView Series EasyIP 7. High-resolution cameras with Deep Learning technology, these 7 series cameras detect and distinguish human beings and vehicles with higher accuracy.  Good for public facilities and institutions.

For most of our clients, the Pro Series and the Ultra Series would be suitable.  This is why we focused on these 2 Series.  

Hikvision Cameras Pro Series EasyIP Series 2 

The Hikvision Pro Series 2 Cameras are ideal for most homes and business applications.  The cameras come in dome and bullet housing.  Both dome and bullet housing is weatherproof and can be mounted indoors or outdoor.  Dome cameras tended to be mounted on ceilings and bullet cameras are mounted on walls.  With the necessary brackets, it is possible to mount a dome on walls as well.  

The range shown below are indicative only and they are not the full wide range of the Series.  The cameras model number “DS-2CD2121GO-1” like the NVR follows the following naming convention.  DS-2CD2xxx denote Series 2.  The next number after the Series number DS-2CDx0xx indicates if it is a bullet (0) or dome (1).  The third number DS-2CDxx2x indicates the resolution. In this case, 2 means 2MP.

Below are some of the more common cameras used.  They are from Series 2 and comprises 2MP and 4MP cameras in both dome and bullet housing.  We have included wifi cameras and motorised zoom cameras for your reference.

2MP Hikvision Cameras

*All prices are indicative only. 

4MP Hikvision Cameras

*All prices are indicative only. 

Hikvision Special Cameras

*All prices are indicative only. 

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