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Monitoreal Pro

Monitoreal Pro Unit feature support for up to 8 ONVIF cameras and AI powered Automation.  Feature new and more advanced AI.  Can set customisable rules for instant alerts about objects that matter.  Be free from unwanted alerts.


Monitoreal Pro Security Assistant support up to 8 ONVIF cameras.  Can work with any IP ONVIF cameras.  Automatically detect objects, animals or people.  Comes with New Deep Sight Mode (2 times more accurate for object detection). Receive automatic notification via Telegram



  • 1 – 8 cameras with ONVIF support
  • H.264 codec support
  • Resolution up to 1080P (FullHD) in stream mode, put to 8MP in snapshot mode
  • Object detection (humans, animals, vehicles)
  • Noise filtering (reduce false positives)
  • New – Deep Sight Mode

Monitoreal Security Assistant Base and Pro Version


AI Powered Automation that identify objects, animals and person and alert you based on your rules

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