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ZKTeco TL800 Lock

ZKTeco TL800 is a Smart Digital Lock with a Built-in Doorbell and OLED Screen


TL800 is designed as a fully automatic video smart lock. It could unlock and lock itself. It is compatible with USmart Go, an application designed for home automation. When connecting the smart lock to the Wi-Fi network, users could enjoy remote control and online real-time monitoring. And what’s more, the owner could observe the outdoor situation from the OLED screen installed inside the house.


  • Work with USmart APP
  • Remote Control
  • Fingerprint
  • Door Bell
  • Random Password
  • Temporary Password

ZKTeco-TL800 Wi-fi Intelligent Door Lock Brochure


ZKTeco-TL800 Wi-fi Intelligent Door Lock Brochure


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