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Apartment Intercom

Vet Visitors and protect your family

Think Intercom, Think SECUREVISION

Vet Visitors with Smart Apartment Intercom

In private residential homes, the number of visitors is not as many and in most cases are known to members of the family. 
But not so for an apartment or condominium. Hence, to ensure security and protect the privacy of residents, most condominiums would install Audio or Video Intercom Systems at gates and lift lobbies. 
Visitors can speak with the residents via the Visitor Call Panel (VCP). The resident can release the door from the intercom handset or monitor in their home.  

Akuvox Apartment Intercom grant access to residents and vet visitors

Our Range of Apartment Intercom

We carry both Audio and Video Intercom Systems. For Apartments and Condominiums, we represent Akuvox and Aiphone Intercom Systems.

Both Akuvox and Aiphone can handle boutique apartments blocks of 4 units to multi-block development of 3,000 units. Aiphone support both Audio and Audio-Video Intercom. Akuvox is an IP Smart Intercom System hence all its products are geared toward Video Intercoms with mobile access applications.

Akuvox Multi Button Apartment Intercom

Aiphone GT Series

Aiphone GT Series provides building complexes with high-performance security and usability. It presents a variety of models that can adapt to almost any type of building. It can handle as many as 480 Entrance Stations, 5,000 tenant stations and 96 Video Guard Stations. It allows an intermix of audio and audio-video stations.

Check the GT Series Brochure.

Play Video about Aiphone-Multi-Tenant-Security-Video-Intercom

Akuvox Smart Apartment Intercom

Akuvox presents a wide range of Smart SIP Video door phones. Each door phone is equipped with a built-in card reader that supports both EM and MiFare cards.

The door phone is equipped with a 2MP camera and is linked to the cloud for mobile access. You can speak and see the visitor before granting access.  You can pre-issue and send the QR Code for access for visitors that you are expecting. You can restrict the QR Access to the day and period, giving you control and flexibility.

For Visitor Call Panels, you can choose the R28 or R29 Series for Door Access and Visitor Management. For Side Gates, you can install the R20A or R20K for access and link to the guardhouse. And at the guardhouse, the R48G Guard Portal enable the guard to communicate with residents. 

Play Video about Akuvox-R29C-Video-Entrance-Door-Phone-For-Condo

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how intercom works

How did Intercom System work?

An intercom is a standalone voice communication system used within a building. It allows a person to communicate with another person in a different room or area.

Unlike the walkie talkie, the intercom allows two-way voice communication. They come in a variety of styles. Some are easy to use. Others are more complicated. Over the years, they have evolved from the simple single master-to-slave audio handset.

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Akuvox R20A IP Intercom

Choosing Intercom for your home

Looking for an intercom for your residential premises home but not sure how to get started? A good way to start is to understand your needs and how you plan to use the intercom system. You may want to consider the following factors before you settled on a brand or model.

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Upgrade condo intercom with Akuvox IP Video Intercom

Upgrade Your Condo Intercom

Upgrading your Condominium’s Intercom Systems is becoming a necessity. Your user’s experience and expectations have evolved. They expect to be able to vet their visitors from the comfort of their mobile phones. And keep records of those who visited for their security. Older hardwired internal intercom systems can no longer meet the current needs.

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