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Residential Intercom

Vet Visitors at the Gates

Think Intercom, Think SECUREVISION

Protect Your Home. Vet Your Visitors with Residential Intercom

Many homeowners install an Intercom System at the gate to vet visitors. The intercom door station is linked to video monitors or audio handsets placed inside the house. These stations are typically placed near the kitchen, living room, or staircases. The owners can speak, see, and verify the visitor from these stations before granting access.  The intercom can be linked to the main gate or a side gate. 

Residential Intercom for auto gates and side gates

We carry two main brands.  Aiphone and Akuvox.   In addition, we also carry Kocom Audio Intercom and provide support for other brands like Panasonic, NEC, Commax and Hikvision.

Audio Residential Intercom - Voice Only

Audio Intercom transmits only voice. You cannot see who is at the door or if the visitor is alone. But for some homeowners, this is sufficient protection. 

We carry Aiphone from Japan and Kocom from Korea. Aiphone is the preferred brand as it has proven reliability even in stormy weather. We also carry and support key telephone PBX systems from NEC and Panasonic.

vet visitor from your house with our intercom phone

Kocom & Aiphone Audio Intercom

Panasonic Key Telephone For the Residential

Audio Video Intercom

Audio Video Intercom transmit both audio and video signal from the door station to the video monitor station. You can see and speak to the visitor, giving you ample opportunity to review and decide if it is safe to open the door. 

We carry Aiphone and Akuvox. Aiphone is a well-established brand, known for its JO and JP Series.  Akuvox is a leading global provider of Smart Intercom, offering SIP Smart Door Phones with built-in Card Readers operating on a cloud-based platform.

Vet Visitors on Video Residential Intercom

Aiphone Audio Video Intercom

For home audio-video intercom applications, we recommend 2 Aiphone Series. 

Aiphone JO Series support 1 door station and 2 substations. The JOS-W Series can also support wifi and mobile phone access. Aiphone JP Series for larger premises that require up to 4 door stations and 8 substations.  

aiphone audio video residential intercom

Akuvox Smart Intercom

Akuvox is a global leading provider of Smart Intercom Systems.  Using artificial intelligence, SIP, Android and Cloud, they have created an unrivalled portfolio of smart intercom products and solutions. The power of Akuvox lies in its integration with card access. With the R20A or the R20K, you have a video intercom unit with a built-in access control system.

Akuvox Smart Audio Video Intercom
Play Video about Akuvox-R20A-Compact-IP-Door-Intercom-with-camera

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how intercom works

How did Intercom System work?

An intercom is a standalone voice communication system used within a building. It allows a person to communicate with another person in a different room or area.

Unlike the walkie talkie, the intercom allows two-way voice communication. They come in a variety of styles. Some are easy to use. Others are more complicated. Over the years, they have evolved from the simple single master-to-slave audio handset.

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Akuvox R20A IP Intercom

Choosing Intercom for your home

Looking for an intercom for your residential premises home but not sure how to get started? A good way to start is to understand your needs and how you plan to use the intercom system. You may want to consider the following factors before you settled on a brand or model.

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Upgrade condo intercom with Akuvox IP Video Intercom

Upgrade Your Condo Intercom

Upgrading your Condominium’s Intercom Systems is becoming a necessity. Your user’s experience and expectations have evolved. They expect to be able to vet their visitors from the comfort of their mobile phones. And keep records of those who visited for their security. Older hardwired internal intercom systems can no longer meet the current needs.

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