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Looking For Auto Gates and Barriers?

Auto Gates and Barriers Keeps You Protected

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Auto Gates and Barriers - Safety and Convenience

Gates are effective ways to restrict access to premises. These gates serve as front line perimeter protection. While most gates are 1.8 meters high, it is enough deterrence for the occasional robber. Unauthorised vehicles are also not able to enter the premises.

auto gates and barriers provide safety and convenience

Auto Gate Systems

Auto Gates are motors designed to work the gates. We carry two range of motors. Swing Gate motors and Sliding Gate Motor.

Swing Gates Motor

Swing gates open with a rotation around a fulcrum. Depending on space, the gates can swing inward or outward. Generally, most gates should swing into the premises. You can opt to swing out if it does not cause a safety hazard to pedestrians walking outside your premises.

auto gates swinging out at press of button

Concealed Motors

For gate width less than 2m (per leaf), you can install concealed swing motors. A concealed Swing motor is common for residential properties. They blend into the landscape and are more aesthetical looking.

We carry MAG, Dormer and Ranger. These brands are from Malaysia and have been trusted by many in Singapore. 

Auto Gate System for Concealed Swing less than 2m

Swing Arms Motor

For a gate width of more than 2m, we recommend using a motorised arm. The motorised arm can pull a gate of up to 3m and is ideal for larger gates. The arm is more robust and fit for heavy usage. The arm is common for condominiums and buildings.

We carry FAAC and MAG.  FAAC from Italy is often recommended for heavy gates in Condominiums and Buildings.

FAAC 415 for Auto Swing Gates that are wider than 2 m

Sliding Gates Motor

A sliding gate slides on a track installed on the ground. The sliding gate motor is mounted inside the premises. Gear racks on the gate roll over the sliding motor gears. The motor turns the gear opening and closing the gate.

We carry the FAAC from Italy. The default model FAAC 746 handle gates up to 600 Kg. FAAC 844 can handle gates up to 1500 kg.

Sliding Gate Motor for Auto Gate Servicing

Car Park Barriers

Car Park barriers are common for commercial buildings and condominiums. Most car park barriers implementation involves some form of access control. Access granted based on card or transponder or even license plate recognition. For buildings with manned car parks, the barrier may be operated by the security personnel manually.

barriers for car park effective in car park management

License Plate Recognition Barriers Control

Contact Securevision - The Auto Gate Experts

We have installed many auto gates and car park barriers for residential premises, condominiums, buildings and complexes. We service and replace older systems with the latest, incorporating and integrating the auto gate systems with Door Access.

So whether you are looking for a new auto gate or barrier system or planning to upgrade your current system, do contact Securevision.

carpark barrier and auto gate servicing

Why Securevision?

We have been installing Auto gates and Car park barrier Systems for homes, condominiums and buildings since 2006.  Our technicians are equipped and knowledgeable. and can help you with your systems.

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