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Looking for CCTV Cameras?

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CCTV is a good deterrent to crimes. Many homes and businesses have installed CCTV to keep an eye on what’s going on inside and outside.

Homeowners can check in on elderly parents as well as young children doing their homework. Business owners can check in and supervise and manage customer service.

And you can do this from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptop, wherever and whenever.

Watch your loved one using CCTV Cameras

How to Choose Your CCTV Cameras?

Wired or Wireless Cameras?

But how do you go about looking for a CCTV System? How do you go about planning or getting one for your premises?  What kind of cameras and how many do you need?  What brand or model is better?

Should you go for a wired or a wireless system?  Should I buy something online or do I need to get an expert to recommend it?

Wireless Camera can be mounted where cabling is difficult

Understand Your Purpose

If you are looking for general surveillance where the camera needs to be permanently installed and cannot be tampered with, it would be good to enlist the help of CCTV Experts.  They can walk you through the site evaluation and recommend the best position to mount cameras as well as the coverage angles.  And most of the cameras would be mounted on ceilings and walls, above the reach of would-be intruders.

Wired Cameras mounted on wall

DIY IP Cameras

If you are looking for cameras to be placed at eye level or on tabletops; and may use them temporarily like watching over a newborn baby or supervising an elderly, then it may be better to get the DIY cameras.  You can purchase online or from any electronics retail shop.  The DIY cameras are not too difficult to install.  They come with installation instructions or videos that you can refer to.

wifi wireless CCTV Cameras

Types of CCTV System

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television.  It does not broadcast any TV signals but transmits the signal on a closed circuit to a monitor and a video recorder.  Invented in 1942 by a German engineer, Walter Bruch, so that he could observe the launch of V2 rockets on a private system, it has undergone tremendous technological advances. (Click here to learn the Basics of CCTV)

There are 3 types of CCTV technologies.

  • IP Network Camera
  • HD Analogue Camera
  • Analogue Camera

IP Network Camera

Network or IP Cameras are digital cameras with resolutions from 2MP onwards.  Connected to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) using CAT6 network cables, it offers sharper faster images and can be used with video analytics software to automate and improve surveillance and alarm notification

IP Network Cameras System

Compared to the old and quickly obsolete Analog, IP Digital Camera offers higher image resolution at better compression.  And it is fast becoming the standard for all public buildings and institutions as IP Cameras are integrated with Security, Access Control, and Building Management to achieve complete integrated operational control.

With PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Cameras, you only need to run the Cat6 network cable.  And the expansion of the system is simply a matter of adding more PoE Switches.

IP Camera and Analogue Camera comparison

HD Analogue Cameras

Analogue cameras resolution is constrained by the TV broadcast standards (PAL) to no higher than 720 x 575 TVL (0.3MP). This standard was implemented to ensure compatibility with all TV broadcasts and equipment.  This means that the picture captured cannot match the image captured by the cheapest mobile phone.  

For many buildings and institutions which had installed CCTV years ago, it may not be easy to upgrade to IP cameras.  The cost of infrastructure cabling may be too high.

This is why HD Analog  CCTV was invented.  These cameras offer High Definition pictures up to 4MP using existing analogue coaxial cables.  If you have an existing CCTV System, you can upgrade to HD Analog by changing the cameras and the recorder.

HD Analogue DVR offer HD Resolution for Analogue Cameras

Upgrade to HD Analogue

Upgrading can be performed in stages.  The first step is to change the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to an HD DVR.  The HD-DVR can support both HD Analog Camera and your old Analog Cameras.  You can change the DVR without changing any cameras if you wish.

And as the cameras fail, you can remove the old analogue camera and replace them with an HD Analog Camera. Or you could review your system and identify areas where you need clearer resolution.  And replace the camera with the higher resolution HD Analog Cameras.  Hikvision Turbo HD Analog Camera range from 2MP to 8MP.

HD Analogue CCTV Camera offer better resolution than analogue cameras

Analogue Cameras

Invented in 1942, the Analog CCTV System has over the years seen improvement in its resolution.  Its best resolution is 960H which is 960 x 576 pixels. Even then, image capture is blurry and makes identification difficult.

But digitisation and technological breakthroughs, analogue cameras, and all their accessories have reached the end of their era.  Manufacturers are no longer producing analogue cameras and the migration path is towards HD Analog or IP Network.

Poor Imaged from Analogue CCTV Camera
Poor Image captured with analogue camera

Contact Securevision - The CCTV Experts

So whether you are looking for a new CCTV System or to upgrade your analogue to HD Analog, contact Securevision.

If your premises is undergoing renovation, you can send us your layout plans via email. We can study the layout and propose the location of the cameras. 

And if you want to install cameras inside the house to monitor the activities inside, do let us know.

CCTV Cameras installed in office and building

Why Securevision?

We have been installing CCTV Cameras Systems for homes, businesses, offices, and buildings since 2006.  And over the years we have always kept up with the latest technology, bringing our customers the best cameras for their budget.  Some of our commercial and institutional projects are as below.  We also install for many private landed properties and apartments.

Did you find what you need?

Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on an issue you may be facing.  Or send us an email and let us get back to you.  Contact Us

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