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Looking For Door Access System?

Install Door Access Because keys are NOT Safe

For your Office, Building, home and Condominium. Call SECUREVISION

Keys are NOT Secure. Install Door ACcess

Strong sturdy doors with good locks is a good front line defence against a break-in. However, no matter how good the lockset, how sturdy the door is, its greatest weakness lies in the way we manage the distribution and allocation of keys.

Keys are cheap and easily duplicated.  There is no way to know if it was duplicated.  And there is no way to prevent it from being duplicated.  We also cannot track nor know who enter and what time did they enter your premises.  And should we suspect an unauthorised duplication, we will have to change the lock and issue a new set of keys – which could be duplicated again.

Keys are not reliable. Use Door Access System

Door Access is the Better Choice

Door Access System offers a better alternative than keys. 

The authorisation to enter your office and the timing permitted for entry can be set by you.  Using software that is on the cloud, or a server or the reader, you can grant or deny access easily.

An employee who leaves the firm can be denied access simply by programming the reader.  With the software, you can also track who enter or leave your premises.  You can also set automatic messages that can alert you when an unauthorised entry is attempted. 

With the software, you can always audit and check who accessed the door.

Standalone Door Access using cards

More than Just Cards

Card access or Door access is not restricted only to cards.  Many technologies are utilised to implement access control. 

Besides card and PIN, other technologies can be incorporated.  They include biometrics such as fingerprint, face recognition, palm vein identification and optical Iris.  And QR Code, Mobile Phone Bluetooth, NFC.  

As technology advance, readers are getting more sophisticated and biometric readers are no longer as expensive as they used to cost.  


Multiple Card Technologies

Card technology had evolved dramatically over the years.  While there is little visible difference between the different cards, the encryption and the way it works is quite different. 

EM Cards

Proximity cards communicate with their readers on either of 2 frequencies – 125kHz and 13.56MHz.  The 125kHz cards also known as Prox or EM Card have been around for many years and is very popular and commonly held.  The cards are cheaper but their data is not encrypted.  These cards are easily duplicated and are not a good choice if security is crucial.

MiFare Cards

The 13.56MHz card also known as the MiFare card was created as a ticketing solution for the transport system.  It was designed to enable two-way communication between readers and cards, making it more secure and harder to duplicate.  

EM versus Mifare Smart Card?

So which card is better? Or rather, which card is more secure? Please check out the video to better understand the technology. 

While the EM Card is popular, the Mifare Smart Card is the preferred choice.

How to Choose Your Door Access System?

There are many factors to consider and questions to ask yourself when looking for a door access system.  Some of these questions are:

  • How many doors do you want to control? 
  • How many people will be using the system? 
  • Do you need to group the people and set different time group access?
  • Will you be using the system to track time and attendance?
  • Do you need to have regular reports?
  • What technologies are you looking for?  Card or Biometrics?

Depending on your requirement, the Door Access System you choose can vary widely.  From the simple standalone Reader Controller to a full network of controllers with integration to CCTV and burglar alarm. 

We carry the full range from a simple standalone solution that cost a couple of hundreds to tens of thousands.  Feel free to contact us for a tailored system for your needs and budget.


Single Door Controller

Ideal for a simple single door application. It is a compact controller with a built-in reader. Can be linked to a network and software. Or can also operate completely standalone without any external software. Can be Card, PIN, Fingerprint or Face Recognition.


Multi Door Controller

Typically used for premises with multiple doors. Can handle 2 to 8 doors. Are networked together and are scalable to handle beyond 250 doors and integrate other systems such as CCTV, Lift Access and Visitor Management Systems.


Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Locks are standalone, battery-powered electronic lockset that has an embedded reader. Ideal for homes and office doors, it is easy to install and does not require any cabling. Some locksets are wifi enabled and may be accessed using mobile phone Apps.

Contact Securevision - The Door Access Experts

biometric-face-recognition-for-tighter-security and time and attendance

So whether you are looking for a new Door Access or to upgrade your current system, contact Securevision.

If your premises is undergoing renovation, you can send us your layout plans via email. And if you are planning to recycle your current system, we can help you with the relocation.

Why Securevision?

We have been installing Door Access Systems for homes, businesses, offices and buildings since 2006. And over the years, we have always kept up with the latest technology, bringing our customers the best access options available for their budget. We offer Cards, PINs, fingerprints, Face, Palm Recognition, Mobile Phone Access and QR Code Access. Some of our commercial and institutional projects are as below. We also install, service and maintain door access systems.

Did you find what you need?

Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on an issue you may be facing.  Or send us an email and let us get back to you.  Contact Us

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