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Auto Gate System

Automate Your Swing and Sliding Gates

Think Auto Gate, Think SECUREVISION

Auto Gate System - Security with Convenience

Gates are effective front line perimeter protection. It keeps unauthorised cars out and deters trespassers. Unfortunately, it does not keep you dry on a rainy day as you brave the storm to open or close the gate. 

With our Auto Gate System, you can now open and close the gate from the comfort of your car, the warmth of your living room, or the convenience of your mobile phone, any time, anywhere. 

Auto Gate System for Swing and Sliding can be accessed remotely

Swing Gate Motors

There are two ranges of swing gates motors. Concealed Motor and Swing Arms.

Concealed motors are suitable for swing gates that are under 200Kg and the width of each leaf is lesser than 2m.  They are aesthetically better looking, and if properly installed can last 5 to 7 years.  Suitable for many residential properties.

Auto Gate System for Concealed Swing less than 2m

Motorised Swing arms are suitable for swing gates with a width greater than 2m (per leaf). They are welded on the side of gates and suitable for Condominiums and Commercial properties. We carry FAAC from Italy.

FAAC 415 for Auto Swing Gates that are wider than 2 m

Sliding Gate Motors

A Sliding Gate slides on a track installed on the ground. A motor installed on the side of the gate turns a gear that pulls or pushes the gate via the welded gear rack. See the video for an understanding of how the sliding gate motor works.

We carry FAAC Sliding Gate Motor from Italy. They are well established in Singapore and a properly maintained gate can last easily beyond 10 years. The weight of the gate is an important factor. So we have motors for 650 kg up to 2500 kg.

FAAC 746 Sliding Auto Gate System

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