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CCTV Accessories

Enhance Your CCTV

Accessories your Surveillance Need. Contact SECUREVISION

CCTV Accessories that Enhance and Complete your Surveillance

Surveillance images travel a long road to get to the screen in front of you.  And as sharp as the cameras may be, they need to be captured, compressed and transmitted and displayed.

We offer a series of product lines that complement the Cameras to create a complete security system. They range from crystal clear sharp robust monitors to mounting racks for the NVR. 

We strongly recommend putting the NVR in a wall-mounted rack for security and cable management.

security surveillance with clear CCTV Monitor
cctv accessories tv monitor

CCTV Monitor

Unlike normal TV, CCTV Monitors are designed to work round the clock, offering a fast refresh rate and sharper image. Check out our range from our Value Series and Pro Series

CCTV Accessories include PoE Switches that connects cameras and recorders

Network Switches

IP cameras and NVRs are network devices that must be connected using Network Switches. However, most off the shelf switches are general purpose switches that may not properly cater for CCTV. Check our range of special CCTV Switches

UPS Power keeps CCTV operational and extend life of equipment

UPS & Power Supply

For critical crucial operations which cannot afford power disruption, an Uninterruptible Power Supply can keep the CCTV System operational even in a power failure. In addition, it cleans up the power, thus protecting and extending the life of your equipment

CCTV accessories 6U Wall Mounted Rack

Rack & Housing

Wall-mounted or floor-standing racks are ideal for housing the NVRs. Equipped with fans for ventilation, NVRs are kept cool extending the life of their hard disks and the NVR. Racks also provide neater cabling termination and ease of servicing

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how to choose cctv camera

How To Choose A CCTV System

If you are installing a system for the first time, we would recommend you select the Network IP CCTV System. As the world move from analogue to digital, network IP cameras provide the best value and future proof for your investment.

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how network ip cameras and nvr work

How IP CCTV System Work?

A network IP camera has an image sensor that captures and digitised the images. The images can be compressed and processed at the camera before sending them out to the Network Video Recorder for storage.

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