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CCTV Network Switch

The key to faster delivery of videos

CCTV Network Switch Matters

Most switches on the market are general purpose switches that are designed for office and home applications.  But CCTV applications requires more out of the switch.  As cameras increase in resolutions, it needs robust switches that can handle the heavy uninterrupted continuous data traffic. 

Compared to home or office networks where the demand may peak only at a certain period of the day, the CCTV Cameras and NVR are constantly and continuing sending data packets up and down the stream.

And as more cameras are PoE powered, the switch needs to command a higher power budget to cater to the CCTV network.

CCTV Network Switch connects cameras and recorders in a network

What to Look for in CCTV Network Switch?

There are many switches with wide-ranging prices.  Beyond the brands, you may need to study the specifications and know your requirement before settling into a switch.  Depending on your needs, you may need to consider the following factors:

Managed or Unmanaged Switch

An unmanaged switch is the most basic network switch.  It only allows your devices to connect and it is suited for home and small office uses.  However, if there is confidential sensitive information that is being handled, the unmanaged switch is not recommended.

A Managed Switch offers full management capabilities and security features.  It can be configured and managed to cater to tailored requirements.   It can monitor the network and control overall traffic.  Such a switch is usually used in enterprise networks and data centres.  For CCTV Applications, this may be deployed at the highest layer with NVRs and PCs.

Smart PoE Switch has partial functions of a managed switch.  It enables you to configure ports and set up the virtual network (VLAN).  Many PoE Switches for CCTV Cameras would be Smart PoE Switches.

Number of Ports

A CCTV Network switch can range from 4, 8,16,24 and 48 ports.  These are the number of devices that it can connect.  For most CCTV applications, field switches tend to be 4 or 8 ports.  A 4 Port PoE Switch can connect up to 4 cameras.  An 8-port can connect up to 8 cameras.  These smaller switches are preferred as the mounting environment may not be ideal.  And should the switch fails, only a small number of cameras are affected.

Maximum Power Supply

The maximum power supply matters as it needs the necessary power to power up the cameras.  Insufficient power may cause poor device performance like video loss.  As a guide, we normally do not max out the ports.  For example, an 8 port may only connect 6 cameras rather than a full 8.

Our CCTV Network Switch Partners

We carry the CCTV network switch range from HRUI and Rujie ( Reyee).

HRUI range of PoE is ideal for connecting and powering up PoE Cameras. For upper switches, we use Reyee managed switches. 

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