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CCTV Power Supplies - No Security without Power

Always On even when AC is OFF

CCTV Power Supplies is critical for Smooth Operation

Power is critical and crucial.  No matter how sharp or fast your cameras and switches, they cannot perform without power.

An often forgotten component of the complete security system is power. And more so with CCTV. Even where there are plans to back up the power, often this backup is only for the NVR. A fully powered functional NVR is not very useful if the monitors, network switches and cameras are not completely turned off.

So in planning for power backup, we need to ensure there is UPS backup not just for the NVR but includes monitors, computers and switches.  Separate power supplies backed by batteries may be required for cameras if it is not possible to take the power from a common source.

CCTV Power Supplies

CCTV Power Supplies Centralised Distribution

For critical installations where security needs are stringent, we advocate a centralised power distribution. All ac power requirements are drawn centrally from the security room. 

A separate Distribution Board (DB), powered through an online UPS, supplies ac power to all NVRs, Computers, monitors and PoE Switches. In the event of an ac power trip, the UPS will take over and supply power to all CCTV Components.

The UPS must be carefully sized according to the power requirement and the length of protection. In many applications, the UPS would need to keep the operations going for up to 1 hour.  

CCTV Power Supplies AC Distribution Board

Why use UPS FOr CCTV Power Supplies?

UPS Stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. There are three types of UPS. They are:

  • Offline (VFD)
  • Line Interactive (VI)
  • Online (VFI)


Many people often think of UPS as merely providing power in the event of power failure. But the UPS does more than that.

Besides providing consistent power, the UPS also serves the important function of regulating the voltages, protecting equipment from power surges and notifying you when power is cut. For most of our applications, we recommend the Online System. Click here to learn how a UPS Work.

CCTV Power Supplies Decentralised Distribution

Distributed Power Distribution is implemented where it is not possible or too late to run the ac electrical power back to a central room.

Under such cases, we may group cameras or PoE switches and provide a small UPS for the Switches. And in some cases, we may power the cameras directly from the Surveillance UPS. These Surveillance UPS provide 12Vdc power to the cameras.

Unlike the Surveillance UPS, The Trigger LineGuard Series Online UPS supplies 230Vac. Hence they are ideal for Server Rooms and Control Rooms where the NVRs and Switches are powered and backed up.

Surveillance UPS Power Supply (for cameras) are ideal for powering cameras.  They come in configurations of 4, 8 and 16, they are installed in the field, near cameras installations. 

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