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CCTV Racks For Security

Extend Equipment Life and Neater Cable Management

CCTV Racks for NVRs and Switches

As the CCTV technology moves to network IP topography, Server Racks and Cabinets are good for housing the NVRs and Switches for the following reasons:

  • physical security as the rack can be locked
  • better cable management for ease of maintenance
  • cooling fans that come with the racks help cool the NVRs


We carry a full range of CCTV Racks. They range from 6U to 42U.

6U wall mounted cctv racks house NVR and switches

What is A Rack Unit “U”?

A “U” or rack unit is the measurement of the height of a piece of computer or network gear. A “U” is exactly 1.75″ (44.45mm) in height.

Most NVRs have a height of 2 – 3U. A 6U Rack can house an NVR and a Switch. (Click here to see video on CCTV Rack)


CCTV Racks for homes & Businesses

For many homes and small business applications, we recommend using a 6U Wall Mount Rack to house the NVR and the Switches.  Placing NVRs and routers on tabletops opens them to tampering.  But putting them in a wall-mounted cabinet not only ensures its security but also saves table space.

For larger systems, we recommend either a half-height or full-height 19″ rack complete with cable management trays. The rack will normally include the office network switches.

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