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CCTV Servicing

Keep Your CCTV Operation

Need Help or CCTV Servicing?  Contact SECUREVISION

Keep Your CCTV Operational with CCTV Servicing

Installing a CCTV System allow you to deter crime as well as keep track of what is going on when you are not.  Keeping it operational at all times and subscribing to any of our additional services can help extend the life and usefulness of your System.

CCTV Breakdown Servicing

Have issues with your CCTV System?  Forgot the password or are not sure how to retrieve the image? Need our CCTV Servicing help? 

Contact us at +65 6286 4796.  We can dispatch our technicians to help check and rectify the system.  

Our breakdown call charges are from $120 onwards.  A full CCTV System Check is from $400 onwards.

CCTV Servicing at a client's office

Typical Breakdown Issues

CCTV Systems if maintained can work for a long time.  But with technological advancement, it is good to consider upgrading once every 5 years, particularly for buildings and commercial institutions.  

A typical breakdown is the hard disk. The hard disk work harder than any hard disk on your pc.  It works 24 x 7, reading and copying data every second.  Typically we see hard disks lasting between 3 – 5 years depending on the heat and ventilation.  If your data are crucial, do plan a scheduled replacement rather than risk losing important video data.

CCTV Preventive Maintenance

A good way to ensure that your system is always operational is to check and test it. 

Test your system at least twice a year.  Initiate playback to check the hard disk is working.  Depending on the NVR, there may be diagnostic tools that you can use to check on the health status of the equipment and the hard disks.

Technician performing regular CCTV Servicing

Check the camera’s coverage angles and check that all switches and routers are working.  If you have external power adaptors or UPS, it is good to check and test these devices.  If any batteries are used to back up the power, it is advisable to replace the batteries once every 2 years.

Or you can subscribe to our Preventive Maintenance Package.  We can come to your premises and check your systems two or four times a year. 

Talk to us about our Maintenance Package. 

Did you find what you need?

Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on an issue you may be facing.  Or send us an email and let us get back to you.  Contact Us

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