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Commercial Intercom

Intercom for Handicap Toilets or Emergency Use

Think Intercom, Think SECUREVISION

Commercial Intercom Beyond Vetting Visitors

For commercial spaces whether it is a tenanted office, building or facility, the Intercom system serves more than just vetting visitors. 

It offers a way of communication, between visitors with the security command centre, as well as internal communication within the organisation. Applications range from intercoms at carparks or gates to assist drivers, inside lift cars, to handicap toilets. Check a case study where Aiphone Intercom was used for elevator and gate access.

Akuvox E21 Emergency Commercial Intercom for toilets

Our Range Of Commercial Intercom

We carry both Akuvox, Aiphone, Kocom and Hikvision. They are suitable for simple office visitor access as well as inter-departmental communication.

Aiphone LEF Commercial Intercom for plant rooms and handicap toilets

Door Intercom Phone

Many offices install audio or audio-video intercom system to vet visitors and allow access. Similarly, buildings also install these similar systems for car parks to allow drivers to communicate with the security centre. These applications are standalone and not linked to mobile apps.

Emergency Inter-Call Intercom

Some buildings, complexes, institutions or facilities, may have requirements for intercoms in different strategic locations, all connected to an operational centre. Such intercom may be located in M&E Rooms, in handicap toilets, at lift lobbies or inside lift cars. Some applications’ communication may be only one-directional. Others may be multi-directional and allow InterCall from one station to another. 

Aiphone TD-H Series Audio Commercial Intercom

Aiphone TD-H/B Series

The TD-H Series is a multi-channel selective call handset intercom system for up to 25 handsets

Aiphone LEF Master and Salve Audio Station Commercial Intercom

Aiphone LEF-11 Series

The LEF Series supports communication between a master station to 11 door stations.

Aiphone TC-M Internal Phone Commercial Intercom

Aiphone TC-M Series

The TC-M Series is an internal telephone-type system that supports up to 2 master stations and 100 substations.

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Upgrade condo intercom with Akuvox IP Video Intercom

Upgrade Your Condo Intercom

Upgrading your Condominium’s Intercom Systems is becoming a necessity. Your user’s experience and expectations have evolved. They expect to be able to vet their visitors from the comfort of their mobile phones. And keep records of those who visited for their security. Older hardwired internal intercom systems can no longer meet the current needs.

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how intercom works

How did Intercom System work?

An intercom is a standalone voice communication system used within a building. It allows a person to communicate with another person in a different room or area.

Unlike the walkie talkie, the intercom allows two-way voice communication. They come in a variety of styles. Some are easy to use. Others are more complicated. Over the years, they have evolved from the simple single master-to-slave audio handset.

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Akuvox R20A IP Intercom

Choosing Intercom for your home

Looking for an intercom for your residential premises home but not sure how to get started? A good way to start is to understand your needs and how you plan to use the intercom system. You may want to consider the following factors before you settled on a brand or model.

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