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Battery Powered Door Access

Digital Door Locks

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Digital Door Locks for homes and office doors

Digital Door Locks are electronic locks that allow you to add automatic features such as locking or unlocking remotely.  It is essentially adding smarts to a traditional mechanical lock.

Powered by batteries, digital door locks are self-contained with either mortise or deadbolt construction.  The electronics can be wifi enabled and communicate with mobile apps or cloud software, giving you remote access and convenience.

They can grant access using a card, PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, QR Code or mobile apps.

digital door lock

Two Types of Door Locks

Mortise Lock

A mortise lock is a lock that requires a pocket (the mortise) to be cut into the edge of the door.  The mortise is embedded into the door.  A door handle is supplied to match the lockset.

Depending on the model and brand, they may come with an assortment of door handle finishes matching your decor.

This lock is very popular and commonly used for residential homes.  

mortise lock for digital door lock

Dead Bolt

A deadbolt is a lock bolt that is moved by turning a key without the use of a spring.  Normally made from steel or brass, they are not rounded or angled at the end of the lock.  

Because they operate without the use of a spring, simply turning a key retracts or extends the bolt into the strike plate on the door frame, making them a cost-effective way to improve your security.

Digital Deadbolt is usually mounted on top of an existing mechanical lockset.  It is ideal for retrofitting or just adding smarts to an existing door.

deadbolt locks for digital door locks

Digital Door Locks Application

ZKTeco Digital Door Locks for Homes

ZKTeco carries a wide range of Wi-Fi Intelligent Door Lock ideal for home and office applications. It works with the smart App and allows you to issue a temporary password to someone within a valid time. The ZKTeco HBL400 is the latest addition.

Salto-XS4-digital door lock

SALTO Systems Digital Locks

SALTO Systems revolutionised access control with the introduction of the SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card technology and the advanced battery-operated wireless electronic smart door lock range. Ideal for the school campus tenanted office, shared workplaces and hotels.

k-secu glass door digital door lock

K-SECU Glass Digital Door Lock

K-SECU is a Korean Digital Lock Manufacturer. Established in 2016, they specialised in Hotel Locks and Glass Door Digital Locks. The Digital Glass Door Lock is ideal for the front entrance glass door. Used in many retail and small office applications

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